Yogurt, a cure-all for health

    Yogurt, a cure-all for health

    Lo yogurt it is a coagulation of milk that occurs thanks to the action of particular enzymes present in the environment: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

    I ferments make profound changes in the composition of milk, transforming it into a food of very high nutritional value.

    It is important that yogurt is rich in live cultures because it is these that give yogurt its beneficial properties. The enzymes, in addition to making the milk digestible, enrich it with precious substances; in fact, they contribute to the formation of Vitamins of group B, necessary for the balance of the nervous system and for the proper functioning of the liver. Vitamins also facilitate the formation of vitamin K necessary for blood clotting.

    Today yogurt is often enriched with other beneficial enzymes, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidus, which strengthen and complete the action of the naturally occurring enzymes in yogurt.

    Yogurt is rich in I left minerals, in particular of football in the form of lactate, which is easily assimilated by the body. For this reason, yogurt is particularly suitable for the nutrition of those who need a significant intake of calcium: adolescents, pregnant women and the elderly.

    Regular consumption of yogurt stimulates the production of interferon, a particular protein that increases the body's defenses against viruses.

    The lactobacilli in yogurt are effective against Escherichia coli and Salmonella, the bacteria responsible for numerous intestinal disorders, the most common of which is diarrhea. In many cases, enzymes are more effective than antibiotics. The enzymes fight intestinal rot and neutralize the action of some substances that can cause cancer.

    The ferments of yogurt transform milk into an easily digestible food. Most people cannot digest milk because they do not have the necessary enzyme for the digestion of milk in adequate quantities casein, the milk protein. The yoghurt ferments transform casein into a soft clot, which is much easier to assimilate. Other people, on the other hand, do not tolerate milk because they are partially or totally devoid of the enzyme necessary for the digestion of lactose, the sugar naturally present in milk. Also in this case, the enzymes transform lactose into simple sugars, which can be directly assimilated by the body. 

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