Yoga for men: Fabio's experience

In this article, Fabio talks about his experience approaching the discipline of yoga, dispelling the myth that this type of training is purely female.

Yoga allows us to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, making us more flexible but also more relaxed both physically and mentally.

Yoga for Men: My Experience

At the word Yoga immediately before our eyes appear images of men or women intent on "greetings to the sun" in front of sunrises on top of flowery hills. This is what I thought too; I who, having spent the last 10 years in a gym between cast iron and marked hands, thought there could be nothing further from me. Then in October 2019 by pure chance I found myself in a small room in the historic center of my city with my legs crossed and my eyes closed.

It's strange… but that's when I really opened them.

Yoga is also other than meditation and mantra, it is also physical, anatomical, corporeal in the deepest sense.

Yoga for men: Fabio's experience

Lesson after lesson of hathayoga (one of the most popular forms of yoga also known as "yoga of strength") as a total neophyte I began to get in touch, feel, discover and communicate with my body in the smallest details.

Stretching, mobility, proprioception, control, balance, position after position (asana) have become more and more within my reach. During the practice of Hatha Yoga the muscles work to assume the correct position and this leads to an increase in strength. It is a continuous psychophysical work with the ultimate goal of controlling the mind and dominating the body.

Yoga for men: Fabio's experience

Yoga and Breathing

There are two things that forcefully impose themselves immediately: the knowledge and the functional use of breathing. Yoga leads you to manage it, it teaches you to "breathe" as if it were the first time.

It goes without saying that all of this has been a real booster for my workouts in the weight room. I, who have never devoted much time to stretching, have found clear improvements in the execution of the exercises being able to be much more precise technically and above all, assuming more correct postures, to apply greater forces.

Yes ok, there is also and for many especially the mind, yoga is meditation and estrangement, reflection and inner knowledge. For now, however, I have more appreciated the physicality of the practice; the path, however, is long and maybe later you will also see me on that flowery hill!

Even if you have never thought about it, I appeal above all to the boys as they are certainly more reluctant to this practice, I suggest you at least try it.
You must be lucky to find a teacher who knows how to balance all the infinite aspects of yoga well, who fascinates and captivates you as she has been for me with mine.

Yoga for men: Fabio's experience

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