Yeast substitutes

Yeast substitutes

Those who choose not to use the baking powder in homemade cakes or biscuits, wants to opt for one alternative that is more natural and completely vegan: not infrequently in the yeasts on the market it is possible to find additives or stabilizers of animal origin! 

Among the options is cream of tartar, for example.

For easier-to-digest baked goods it is also possible self-produce sourdough bread.

The choice to eliminate the yeast can also be dictated by intolerances or simply from the fact that there is no more left in the house!

Il cream of tartar e sourdough yeast, although they are perhaps the best known and readily available, they are not the only alternatives to common yeast.

Here are some options for replacing yeast:

Sodium bicarbonate combined with acidic substances

The acid-base chemical reaction, which generates carbon dioxide and goes to work on the dough, can also be reproduced by sodium bicarbonate, combined with lemon juice, milk, wine or apple vinegar, yogurt.

These leavening formulations must be dosed at the end in the dough and the cake immediately placed in the oven, without waiting, otherwise the leavening effect vanishes.

Baking soda and cream of tartar or baking soda and food citric acid

As for the cream of tartar, the citric acid is also combined with the flour with the baking soda and added at the end of the preparation of the dessert, which is then immediately placed in the oven.

Ammonia for sweets

Also note as ammonium bicarbonate, was often used in pastry for the preparation of sweets, biscuits in particular.

It does not rise as much as common yeast: very little is enough, and it has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Album montati is the name of ben soda

For those who are not vegan, of course, egg white can be used. The trick is, in addition to using an electric mixer, add a pinch of fine salt.

Very frothy beer

It is usually used in pastels salads, but also in the pizza or pancakes, put to the end.

Sourdough starter

The sourdough gets thanks to a mixture of water and flour, left in due time to rise naturally, thus forming a microflora that gives life to the yeast itself and to future doughs.

It is not that difficult to prepare, but it takes a lot of consistency to keep it healthy. Sourdough is excellent for bread, pizzas, focaccia, salty dough in general.

There is also dried mother yeast, but it has no leavening power, it only serves to give more flavor to the dough and still needs an active leavening agent.


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