Yeast intolerance: illusion or reality?

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by Angela Altomare

There are so many people who have problems digesting yeast, but this "intolerance" is not scientifically recognized. The much debated topic is also addressed in a book that has just been published, Dr. Subacchi's diet according to food intolerances.

«From the medical-scientific point of view - specifies the doctor Annalisa Subacchi, a nutrition biologist who collaborates with the Association for the fight against food intolerances and celiac disease (Aliac) - only two intolerances have been scientifically proven: gluten in celiac disease and al lactose, which is an enzymatic deficiency ».

"Speak about "Intolerance" to yeasts - explains Dr. Michela Carola Speciani, surgeon at the Sma Medical Center in Milan and expert in applied nutrition - it is not scientifically correct.

That said, we are still faced with an increasing number of people which find an effective benefit in the reduction of yeasts taken with the diet and it is not an illusion. The problem exists even if it is not called "intolerance". Today we talk about "Inflammation from food"Or, more precisely, of" food-related inflammation "".

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