Words to address to yourself

Words to address to yourself

How we talk to ourselves affects our self-esteem and mood. We present some phrases that should never be missing in our inner dialogue.

Words to address to yourself

Last update: April 30, 2021

How many times have you waited for someone else to approve you, or understand you and have been disappointed because those words you have been waiting for never arrive? Here it is knowing the right words to say to yourself can make a difference.

We are the most important person in our life and we cannot depend on the actions and words of others to feel good.

It is often necessary to change the way we look, talk and treat ourselves. We may have hurt, judged and betrayed ourselves multiple times over the years, but there is still time to make amends.

Cultivating a good relationship with yourself is essential. If you don't know where to start, the following words can offer you a starting point.

6 words to address to yourself

"I'm sorry"

I am sorry for all the times that I have hurt my person thoughts, words and actions. I'm sorry I was the most ruthless judge, the most severe critic. I apologize for all the times that in front of the mirror only criticisms and rejections came to mind.

I am sorry for the bad habits that I have maintained or still maintain that damage my body and my mind. I'm sorry I prioritized other people and that I have forgotten my needs, my desires and my preferences; of having been silent when I have been disrespected and not having abandoned harmful contexts and relationships.

"I forgive myself"

I forgive myself for all the mistakes I made, I realize I did the best I could everytime. I recognize that perhaps I did not have the knowledge or tools that I have now, so it was impossible for me to see situations as I do now.

I forgive myself because I know that I am not guilty of what happened, but I am responsible for learning from the past. I let go of those weights and allow myself to carry on.

"Thank you"

I say thank you for the goals achieved, for the person I am today. Thank you for overcoming the pain, fear and sadness; for continuing to give my best.

I thank myself for my perseverance, my courage and my strength. I recognize and appreciate each of my good deeds, even if they have not been noticed or rewarded by anyone.

I have seen them, and I still see them and I thank myself for all the kindness, compassion and generosity that I have shown over the years.

"I can do it"

I am a valid and capable person, I have the qualities and the determination to achieve what I aim for. Even if I'm scared at times, it's always worth trying; and if I make mistakes, I can accept them and improve.

I am as good as anyone else and have all the resources necessary to work towards achieving my goals.

“I'm on my side”, words to address to yourself

I enjoy, appreciate and value the company and affection that others can give me, but I don't always need it because I know I have me unconditionally. I am with me when I triumph and when I fall.

In happy moments I celebrate, on sad days I hug myself, and if I'm irritable I understand myself. I am my best friend, my greatest support and my safe place. I can always count on me.

"I accept myself"

I accept myself as I am, with my virtues and my flaws. I allow myself to see myself without filters, to contemplate my lights and my shadows and all this does not prevent me from accepting myself.

I estimate my worth here and now. And, since I respect myself, I choose the words with which I speak to myself and the harshness with which I judge myself.

Words to address to yourself to love yourself more

These words can increase our self-esteem and our self-concept. They surely will a direct and positive impact on our life. Some will only have to be said once: there is no need to remember all our mistakes every day; but to recognize them, forgive each other and move on.

Others can serve as encouragement at specific times. When we face a new or threatening situation, we will need to hear "I can do this"; and when we are going through sad times, remembering “I'm on my side” will be a great comfort.

However, still others can become a mantra for our life. Being grateful, accepting yourself and adversity will make all the difference in terms of attitude and mood. Let us therefore address these words whenever we feel the need.

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