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Last update: 17 September, 2015

I consider more courageous whoever wins his wishes

that whoever conquers his enemies,

because the hardest battle is with oneself.

Some time ago I dreamed of a wonderland. A place where there were no lies, hypocrisy, betrayals, envy or lack of scruples. A world where everyone knew that his good was also the good of the community, and that with small actions one could easily achieve happiness, for himself and for others ...

It was then that I woke up and my wonderland was gone ... as if it were Pandora's Box, the world we live in it unfolded before my eyes. A world where war coexists alongside the most beautiful works of art, and both are the product of the human hand ...

A world in which we congratulate the neighbor on his achievements while envy gnaws at us, without even realizing that that feeling hurts ourselves and no one else. A world in which the news they fill us with images of war and horror while we are sitting quietly at the table and having lunch ...

And where again we care that others see how chaste and pure we are in front of a work of art with an erotic content or a film with a bit of a tone, although everyone now knows how the world goes ... a world where instant messaging applications have replaced face-to-face communication and that "Good morning, how are you?" that we now say with little or no desire.

And yet this is the real world, a world imperfect as we are ourselves and where man continues to repeat his mistakes and his victories since the beginning of time, because this is how it is and always will be ... but something inside me tells me that when we grow up, when we are convinced that we are adults, it is Why a strong tree has grown within us that keeps us calm and resistant in the face of strong and unexpected winds ...

You are a little wiser and by now you know what the game of life consists of, and you have come to the point of repeating to yourself with irony "reality always surpasses fiction", or "That's life”, But this does not mean that you become sad or discouraged, reluctant to contact others or incredulous… the world is imperfect and so are we.

When you learn to forgive and to forgive yourself, everything becomes easier, and in good or bad luck you understand that it is always there something worth living for. It can be your children, parents or simple everyday things that make you alive and happy, because we only die when we begin to pay homage to abandonment and accept it as a constant in our lives.

Dedicated to a special person who no longer exists and who loved life until his last breath. It is also dedicated to all those people who are going through a sad or difficult moment in their life. With all my love and respect, I urge you to build your own strong and resilient tree within.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much,

gave me two stars that when i open them

perfect I distinguish black from white,

and its starry background in the high sky,

and among the multitudes the man I love.


Thanks to the life that has given me so much,

gave me listening to it in all its openness

catches crickets and canaries night and day,

whirlwind hammers barking storms

and the tender voice of the one I'm loving.


Thanks to the life that has given me so much,

he gave me the sound and the alphabet

with him the words I think and say,

mother, friend, brother, illuminating light,

the path of the soul of who I am loving.


Thanks to the life that has given me so much,

gave me the march of my weary feet,

I went with them to cities and puddles,

beaches and deserts, mountains and plains

and your house, your street, your yard.


Thanks to the life that has given me so much,

he gave me the heart that shakes its boundary

when I look at the fruit of the human brain,

when I look at the good so far from the bad,

when I look at the bottom of your clear eyes.


Thanks to the life that has given me so much,

he gave me laughter and gave me tears,

so I distinguish between joy and pain

the two materials that make up my song

and the song of others which is the same song

and everyone's song which is my own song.


Thanks to life.

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