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    Women don't like men who are "easy" to seduce, according to a study

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    Seduction is a complex game full of expectations, little extraverbal clues, cultural conditioning and even hormonal variations. The strategy of men when trying to seduce women is well known. The tactics and psychological tricks used by women are not so clear.

    Women don't like vulnerable men

    Seduction tactics range from making the most of physical appearance to taking away faith or direct lying to create false impressions and attract the other person. But the game of seduction starts much earlier: when we choose the person we will focus our efforts on.

    A study conducted at Brunel University found that women, like men, are able to pick up the signs that a person is more vulnerable or easier to seduce, deceive, or even manipulate into having sex. But unlike men, women don't find these cues attractive or desirable.

    These psychologists asked 151 young women to rate 110 photos of men indicating how attractive they were for having casual intercourse or establishing a stable relationship. They were also asked to indicate how easy they believed it was to seduce them or induce them to have sexual intercourse.

    They then categorized each photo based on "signs of vulnerability", such as being shy, young, dreamy, immature, reckless or drinking too much. These researchers wanted to know if women found attractive the typical indicators of sexual vulnerability that some men detect and exploit to seduce.

    They found that women are able to identify men who would be easier to deceive and seduce, but they don't find those signals attractive. “Overall, we found no evidence of 'play' or exploitation tactics among the tools used by women,” the study noted.

    It is important to take a break to understand that many of the women who are sexually abused are in a vulnerable situation. The day a woman consumes alcohol, the odds of suffering a sexual assault increase 3 to 9 times, according to a University of Buffalo study.

    What kind of man do women like?

    These researchers found that women are attracted to confident, handsome, and intelligent men, which substantially takes them away from the profile of the sexual predator turning its target into a victim.

    Another study conducted at Huazhong University of Science and Technology revealed that women find positive traits such as honesty and kindness more interesting. Interestingly, other research conducted at the University of Portsmouth has revealed that men are twice as likely as women to be labeled as "good at lying and getting by", qualities that women do not find attractive and that widen the gender gap. gender in seduction.

    Conversely, women prefer men who have a sense of humor, as psychologists at Indiana University East have found. And he also likes men who are proud of themselves, according to research from British Columbia University.

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