Without speaking, we said everything with a look

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Without speaking, we said everything with a look

Last update: December 15, 2016

Without saying anything, just a look, where all the "I love you" are engraved, all the kisses given, all the promises made and all the caresses that we both have tattooed on our skin. Because when your eyes meet mine, no words are needed, the whole universe adapts and our hearts begin to dance, right there, between your gaze and mine ...

Linguists say that although love is the most universal feeling that exists and the best known of all, the way in which each country expresses it has its own nuance that makes it unique. Love, in fact, is "untranslatable". In Japanese, for example, there is the term "koi no yokan" which refers to that intense and almost inexplicable feeling you get when you find yourself in front of someone we know we will love forever.

You are the culprit of my lost looks and my silly laugh, you are the person in whom I want to see myself reflected every day, in the serene ocean of your eyes ...

In sign language, an "I love you" can be expressed in several ways. One of them is to lift the little finger, index finger and thumb. In this case, the magic is something exceptional, because we do not need the voice or words to articulate the sounds, yet the feeling, of course, continues to be the same. As it is in all languages ​​and in every corner of the world.

Despite this, we could say that when we want to convey the authenticity of love, the universal language is that of looks. Those clear mirrors in which emotions burn, are pleased and are captured, even if, of course, we will always continue to need words ...

A look and an "I love you" in a thousand languages

Love is said to be like a chemical shipwreck. It is said that the desire, that every promise made under the covers or in those nights when you come home with slow steps, tracing your dreams between kisses and laughter, are nothing more than the result of the complicated machine that are our neurotransmitters, of the our capricious hormones ...

It is a fact that, for sure, it is difficult to accept. Because love is more than just chemistry, they are moments, it is a look that attracts us without knowing why and it is a "I love you" that is pronounced with fear, but for which we are ready to take the risk, as if our life depended on it.

Perhaps it is precisely for this reason that it is since the dawn of time that human beings have tried to enclose in their language every nuance of this inexplicable, contradictory, intense, but always and in any case magical feeling. Let's see some examples.

  • Firgun: from the Hebrew, this word refers to when we feel happy because something good has happened to someone we love.
  • Dorn: this Romanian word represents that painful sensation you feel when you are not together with your loved one.
  • Merak: when we love, when we do something that makes us feel good in a very intense way, we have the feeling of being part of the universe itself. It is a wonderful emotion, a feeling so full and intense that the Serbs have decided to enclose its meaning in this melodious word.
  • Cwthch: from Welsh, it refers to that wonderful hug we receive from our partner.
  • Naz: from Urdu, this word represents the pride of feeling loved.
  • In the Yámana language, a people of the southernmost area of ​​the American continent, there is the word "Mamilapinatapei”, Which refers to the gaze between two people who want each other and who do not stop looking for each other with their eyes, but who, even so, are too shy to take the first step.
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