Wisdom is also practicing "detachment"

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Wisdom is also practicing "detachment"

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Do you practice detachment every day? Said in this way we are sure that it can give rise to some perplexity and even some contradiction.

Detachment is not a typical attitude of selfish personalities who are only trying to value themselves by breaking the bond with everything that surrounds them. Absolutely no.

It's clear that we will never practice detachment with everything that is important for us and which in turn brings us a series of positive reinforcements capable of enriching us, of making us better people.

However, if we carry out a little reflection exercise, we will realize that there are many dimensions, situations and people floating around us that bind us to our anchor and sink us a little more every day.

We must be careful, because sometimes we can make others responsible for our happiness, but it would also be necessary to practice detachment towards some personal attitudes, towards some limiting thoughts, towards fears and even insecurities.

Today we talk about this and we invite you, as always, to reflect with us.

Detachment as a technique of personal knowledge

They can sell it to us, they can tell us about the posting in big letters and even underline it with a highlighter. However, we know that it is not easy to practice it, nor to realize it in such an immediate way.

With courage. In this life nothing seems to arise with the serenity of a cool summer breeze, it is as if we need a storm to learn, to be aware of the fact that, at times, it is no longer brave who bears, but who has the audacity to do. one step… and let go.

Detachment is first of all a technique that it allows us to know ourselves much better in order to establish limits and live in balance with ourselves.

Take note of the following aspects with which you can come to deepen this fundamental aspect for personal growth.

1. You are the protagonists of your life and the only ones responsible

There are those who live depending on what others say, do or stop doing. Sometimes even a gesture can be interpreted as indifference, displeasure or even repulsion.

We are talking, for example, of those couples who concentrate their entire existence and particular universe in the other person, almost obsessively, generating an addiction where phrases like the following are usually very common:

"Without you I'm nothing; when you are not by my side, it is as if I miss everything, as if life has no meaning ... "

We cannot deny that in emotional relationships there is always a certain dependence: we want the other person and, therefore, the bond is strong and intense.

This addiction, however, must not consume our personal identity, nor allow happiness to always be in the other person's pocket.

  • You are the protagonists of your life, the people you choose must enrich you, not cancel you.
  • Practice detachment towards absolute dependence on others. Nobody breathes for you, nor has the obligation to fill your spaces every day or alleviate your fears.

2. Take on reality

There are those who do not want to see. There are those, for example, who do not accept that their children learn to be independent, responsible and autonomous. Telling a mother that she must practice a healthy and progressive detachment towards her children is not easy to make understood.

In this case, we will try to make a clear reality assume: that all children need parental trust when making decisions, taking certain steps.. Practicing detachment towards addiction, towards “the obsessive fear that something will happen to them, that they are wrong…”.

I want freedom with no moorings, which allows everyone to meet to learn, to benefit and enrich themselves with their worlds, affections and particularities.

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