Winning back an undecided or confused ex-girlfriend: 4 decisive tips!

In this article we will see how to win back a confused ex, or how win back indecisive ex girlfriend, thanks to 4 very effective tips that will allow you to save the day. Read on if you find yourself in one of these cases:

  • she asked you a pause for reflection;
  • she is undecided whether to be with you or with someone else, such as an ex;
  • left you, but keep writing to you;
  • he left you, but has doubts about his choice;
  • are still together, but she told you she is confused.

In all these cases the situation between you two is not final. There is certainly a departure on his part, but there still seem to be some hopes, and possibilities that he will change his mind.

Many boys and men, as I also explain in this article, manage the crisis moments of a relationship very badly, and end up alienating their woman even more, pushing her to leave them permanently.

By following the right method and applying the right techniques, it will instead be possible to easily overcome every difficult moment in a relationship, and push your ex to come back even after she had momentarily moved away.

How to win back an undecided ex girlfriend

So let's see 4 fundamental tips to follow to win back an undecided ex, or to win back a confused girl.

1. Don't put pressure on her

When a girl tells you that she is confused, that she is indecisive, or that she has doubts about your relationship, the first reaction many guys have is to put pressure on her.

The macro-category of “putting pressure on her” includes all attitudes such as: asking her for explanations, stalking her, asking her constant questions about your relationship, asking her if she has anyone else, making scenes, showing jealousy, anxious, worried or sad.

She is in a phase of uncertainty, which means she is putting it on the scales the pros and cons to get back into a relationship with you. If you put pressure on her and show yourself weak and needy, she will feel an immediate revulsion towards you, and the scales will start to tip more and more on the wrong side.

So remember not to pressure her, ask her for clarification, and don't give her ultimatum!

2. Give her space

What to do then to win back undecided or confused ex? Give her space.

Accept this particular moment of confusion and let her make her own assessments. Tell her you understand her, and leave her free to choose what will make her happiest.

3. Recover your autonomy

If your ex broke up with you or asked you for a time off, she's probably considering you a safe haven.

She knows she can come back when she wants, or at least she thinks so, so she moved away and started looking around, avoiding to permanently end relations with you. In this way she protected herself in case she wanted to return.

Being in full control of the situation has led her to lose interest towards you, so to reverse the situation you will first have to reverse the perception she has of you.

The secret is to recover your autonomy, detaching yourself from the situation with her, and returning to explore the world around you. You could date new girls, focus on your goals, rediscover your passions, improve yourself, go out with friends more.

Let her see you elusive and busy, but without pretense: you really have to be!

Once you have recovered some autonomy, she will begin to perceive your detachment, and will realize that she is no longer in control of the situation.

As much as your ex may feel indecisive and confused, I want to reassure you about one thing: does not want to lose you entirely, and because of this, seeing you more detached, she will feel forced to get closer to you.

Winning back an undecided or confused ex-girlfriend: 4 decisive tips!

4. Maintain a positive relationship with us

If in this time of indecision she wants to continue talking to you, or seeing you, don't deny her. Let yourself be seen as slippery and unavailable, but do not completely end relationships with her, otherwise she may think that you are resentful, hurt or hurt.

So continue to feel it, to show yourself kind and interested in his life, without talking about your relationship. Instead, think about making her feel good: this is what will add weight to the right side of the scale, and will lead her to choose to come back with you!

Winning back a confused girl: how to proceed

I'm sure you have many other doubts and special cases that you would like to investigate, to which I have not given an adequate answer through this article.

It is a manual in which I have put body and soul into writing, together with many years of study, research and personal experiences. It includes advanced tricks and tips that I myself would have paid gold to receive when I was in the same situation as you.

In this very first phase after publication, I also allow the free download of the first chapter. You can download it too using the form below:

Well, we have come to the conclusion of this article on how to win back an indecisive or confused ex girlfriend.Thank you for reading it all the way through, and I wish you the best of luck in getting your ex back ?

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