Why does God allow evil (it is also very evident if you think about it)

Because God allows evil?
Before answering this question, however, we should ask ourselves: God allows evil?

When I wrote that I share Paul's phrase "Everything works for the good of those who love God", I explained that in my opinion God allows it.

But some argue that it is not possible, that God does not want us to suffer, he does not want anything bad but only our happiness

Yes, this is true: God wants our happiness.
If not, he wouldn't really love us.

But who says that pain, illness, death, problems, difficulties are not necessary for our happiness?


Why God allows evil: the most important story says it clearly

God loved Jesus?
Did she want him to be happy?

It is difficult to argue that God did not love Jesus.
Yet, if you think about it, God willed it a great and atrocious suffering for Jesus.

God asks to Jesus to die at 33 on a cross, as if he were the worst of the criminals (those for whom this type of death was reserved).

God asks to Jesus to be humiliated, denigrated, offended and ridiculed by people who did not even know who he was (I am referring to the Roman soldiers).

God asks to Jesus to be rejected by his people, considered a madman, a blasphemer, and to be repudiated by all.

God asks to Jesus to be tortured, to be scourged, and then to die forgiving those who inflicted such a death on him.

Didn't God want Jesus to suffer?
Didn't God want him to be sick?

Now I offer you an interesting reading.

Isn't it unfair that a man should die at only 33, with his whole life ahead, being able to bring His love to many, heal the sick and improve the world?

Is it not unfair that a simple, honest, upright man is treated as an impostor, a criminal and is considered by all to be a person to be despised and rejected?

Isn't that unfair?
If a person today had the same death as Jesus, you would think that God is unfair to allow such an outcome?

God not only allows Jesus to die as we know, God he really asks.
He did not “leave the power of to evil,” he asked His son to do all this for the love of Him and each of us.

God was unfair in asking Jesus for this?
And when Jesus, knowing what the Father was asking of him, explains to his disciples how to follow him, what does he offer?

A cross.
"If anyone wants to come after me, he will deny himself, take up his cross and follow me".

In a very intense and beautiful passage, Martin Luther King suggests that the cross that everyone carries in following Jesus is not an ornament. "What is a cross for?" he asks rhetorically.

What is?

If God asked Jesus to die, and in that way, to do His will, why should I think that this cannot be asked of me too?

Why can Jesus endure "evil" and I should be exempt from it?
Jesus also came to tell us how to get to God and offered his life as a model.
He often says: "Do like me".

What did Jesus do?

If Jesus willed give his life and he was ready to endure all of that for me, what love would mine be if I weren't willing to do the same for him?

Why does God allow evil?
No lo so.
And no one can know.

But I firmly believe that that "evil" contributes to the good of those who love it.
I firmly believe that that "evil" does it too part of God's plan.
I firmly believe that that "evil" I will not have the power to deny us the love of God, the happiness we seek.

Because being happy means keep a deep and solid peace in our hearts and minds, in the depths of our soul, in the face of everything.

Even at the "worst" of situations.
If it happens, it is because God will have allowed it.
If it does, then I know that it will be for me and not against me.

That in His love, will give me strength to overcome every obstacle, and the ability to live with serenity and joy every step of mine.

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