Why do we blame others?

Why do we blame others?

Why do we blame others?

Last update: February 10, 2015

The following are very common examples, since everyone will have found that in some moments it is easier to say "the taxi was too slow" (instead of "I got up an hour late") or "the oven is not it works well ”(instead of“ I was watching television and I forgot about dinner in the oven ”). Our mind always tries to get rid of problems and, above all, of faults, as if to protect us from the attacks of others, which are sometimes nothing more than the result of our fears and our imagination.

The human being makes a typical mistake: he always looks for the culprit outside himself, for any problem. If we do something well it is our merit, but if things go wrong, it will surely be someone else's fault. Before saying "I was wrong", we are likely to say that it happened due to bad luck, the weather, the boss, the transport, the horoscope or the alignment of the planets. We invent anything rather than face reality and take responsibility.

The first step: accepting mistakes

This is not at all easy to do, but not impossible either. The first step is to stop blaming others, abandon the comfort of the body and start accepting when we fail. Allow others to correct us, leave pride aside and above all be honest with ourselves first, to be honest with other people later.

Fortunately, the solution is within us and no one outside of us can change the situation. You can start putting this into practice the next time you make a mistake, a mistake you have been repeating for some time. Accepting that it is difficult to get up when the alarm goes off, concentrating on delivering work on time, studying for an exam or paying attention to dinner will make us feel better, both inside and, consequently, also on the outside. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to infect the idea and all the people around you will learn to say "I was wrong", something so difficult to hear in our times.

Image courtesy of Sharon Mollerus.

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