Why do couples isolate themselves?

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Why do couples isolate themselves?

With the onset of a relationship, social interactions happen to be impoverished. As a result, the relationship becomes much more vulnerable in the face of adverse circumstances.

Last update: May 21, 2022

Some people tend to isolate themselves after starting a romantic relationship. Many blame love, but to understand why couples isolate themselves, a deeper and more specific analysis is needed.

There are several factors that induce some couples to reduce social interactions. Among them, the main factor appears to be the divorce of the parents or having grown up with a single parent. But some personality traits, such as neuroticism, are also sometimes identified as risk factors, as are some external circumstances (for example, spending a lot of time at work). Regardless of the reason, it can be said generally the more isolated a couple, the greater the dissatisfaction.

Couples isolating themselves

When the relationship begins, there is a desire to isolate oneself to fully experience the whirlwind of emotions.

By choice or by nature, some couples prefer not to establish social relationships except for professional or family reasons. Some agree to live like this and in principle adapt well to the situation. However, until when? Can a couple survive if they don't nurture relationships with other people?

The first important point to raise is the couple's current life. If it is a relationship of a few months, the situation is likely to evolve for the better. We talk about it in more detail in the following lines.

Couples who have been together for a few months tend to isolate themselves to show their love

At first, the couple wants to show their love as intensely as they feel. Any separation seems insurmountable, even when it comes to spending time with loved ones. They prefer to be at home together to be free to show each other the affection they feel without worrying about what others might think.

They feel like they just need each other. However, a couple is built by facing the outside world. The passage of time, in fact, requires some changes and new dynamics in the relationship.

If the couple is not confronted with the outside world, growth is limited and restricted. When situations that can strengthen the bond are minimized, the main risk is that it takes too long to find out how your partner behaves with family and friends.

The couple withdrawn into themselves for years is in danger

The couple consolidated for several years that has lost all social relations is in danger. She isolated herself, which reduced her social range, making her much more vulnerable. The circle of support has shrunk e any serious setback will require the partner's full support, the only one you can count on now.

This addiction usually has negative consequences, as wear increases and oxygen can run out. Even before the pandemic, some research has shown that socially isolated couples are less happy than those who are well integrated into their social circle.

Likewise, it should be noted that a social circle nurtured around the couple enriches communication. The topics of dialogue are diversified and indirect experiences allow the two to enrich each other.

Ways to recover social life

Romantic relationships are more fulfilling when the couple agrees on how often each of them wants to go out and attend social events or visit friends and family. Otherwise, several disputes can arise.

When the couple differs on their social needs, an agreement must be reached to prevent disagreements. It is necessary to establish how often and at which social meetings to participate. The ideal is to find a solution that is beneficial to both.

A person can decide to attend an event without a partner. Social experiences enrich the individual, consequently the relationship, not only in terms of conversation, but also of contacts.

Making partnership plans with other people strengthens the relationship.

Couples isolating themselves and alarm bells

We have already listed several reasons why couple isolation can occur and the consequences why this scenario is not recommended. The case more dangerous is when this isolation is generated only by one of those who manipulate or mistreat, thus avoiding that the other can receive support. After all, isolation is a direct way to make the partner more vulnerable.

We can suspect gender-based violence when a partner is prevented from getting help. Acquaintances often do not notice the situation and continue to think that it is a happy relationship. The isolation of the couple is always a warning sign when contacts with friends and family are interrupted for no apparent reason.

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