Why are we unable to change?

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On one occasion Rabbi Hillel
said, “If
not now when? Self
not me who? Self
not here where? "
Even if the expressions
may seem a little enigmatic, it is certain that they perfectly express the
tendency that many of us have to resist change always waiting for better conditions. That is, we will change
life when we have more money, when we have passed this moment, the
next month, year… and the list gets longer. But we don't realize that
waiting for things to change on their own is like hoping for a fire to happen
extinguish waiting for the rain. The truth is, it doesn't exist
a better time to change than now, right now. In this regard it comes to us
to the rescue a reflection by Einstein: “Un
problem cannot be solved with the same kind of thinking it has
generated ".
We look forward to all
our strength that things are finally starting to go well but… let's hope the
change of produce on its own, caused by external factors. This attitude
of "doing nothing" and "expecting change" is so profound
rooted in each of us that we do not realize two essential factors: 1. We are not doing anything
to bring about change 2. We do the same things
always (which could be translated: the same mistakes as always). Accept this attitude
it is the basis of any change, because it allows us to dismiss excuses
and take 100% responsibility for what happens to our life. However, the
awareness that we need a change and that we are the architects
of the same is not enough, it is also necessary to accept that probably
our transformation will be pigeonholed into "silent changes". In the collective imagination
there is a very ingrained idea that important changes happen overnight
in the morning, abrupt changes that one cannot help but notice. Every
way, our life rarely experiences such drastic changes but rather
several silent changes. A perfect example of
silent change is what happens by patiently following a diet
healthy and balanced and practicing physical activity regularly, which slowly
lead to weight loss and feeling healthier. On the contrary, diets
so-called miracles that promise to eliminate many kilos in a few days,
they produce a rapid change that is not at all positive by destabilizing homeostasis
of the organism. Another example is when we work every day at the
creation and development of an autonomous business until success. Accept that we will have to
working hard to achieve change is essential in order not to be demotivated e
yield on the way. In addition, it must be understood that development normally
it is a process that also includes bankruptcy, demotion and the new
start, continuously. When we set ourselves the goal, once
once we have undertaken the journey we will probably have to take many steps backwards, but
this does not mean that we will not be successful, rather it is about pauses during
which to reconsider the goal and restart with new energy. Anyone do
launch into change without awareness of these factors and intended to
stop halfway along the route. The basic steps of the
change are as follows: 1. Become aware of that
we need to change and that is up to us. 2. Feel the real need
of change; the reason we want to change must be
intrinsic. 3. Start taking action
planning goals in the short and long term. 4. Keep steady in the moles
own purposes, regardless of setbacks. Putting the
assertive perseverance. Finally, the
day when looking back we will realize that we have changed
something, little by little.
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