Why are we so dependent on love?

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Why are we so dependent on love?

Last update: February 28, 2015

When we fall into the web of love together with our "half of the apple", at first everything is beautiful, fun and there seems to be a very special bond with the other person, which implies a significant increase in self-esteem.. Because feeling loved and wanted by another person makes us feel really good about ourselves and those around us.

However, care must be taken not to become "addicted to love" by the partner because eventually, if the relationship were to end for any reason, the breakup could be very painful. For this reason, below we will give you some tips so that your couple relationship becomes one more thing that enriches your life and does not totally identify with it..

Keep your feet on the ground

At the beginning of a relationship, many feel that they have to give themselves completely to the other person. This is why it is important to always keep your feet on the ground, without idealizing the other person as if she were perfect. Remember that all human beings have strengths and weaknesses and you need to get to know each other well before formalizing a relationship.

Always set limits

Imagine that you have been in a relationship for a few months with this "supposedly" perfect person and after some time you realize that he is manipulating you so that you spend most of your time with him. Receiving a lot of attention can be flattering, but remember that you have a life beyond that of a couple and that friendship is a treasure that, if you take care of it, can last a lifetime.. One thing that, on the other hand, does not happen with love that can change at different stages of life.

Trust is essential

When a person is affectionate, loving and all have good intentions, it is normal for us to become addicted in the long run to this feeling of always feeling flattered and loved. However, it would not hurt to ask yourself the following question: "Do I really know this person?" For this reason, in the first phase of the relationship, it is advisable to talk about how you feel, what you like and what you do not like about the other person and what you would like to change. Remember that a fight every now and then is only good for the relationship! It will help release tensions and if the discussion is resolved then the relationship will be more than strengthened.. 

What to do after the breakup?

When a relationship ends, we have the feeling of total abandonment. It seems to us that no one loves us and that we will be alone for the rest of our lives. Nothing further from reality. What we feel is an "emotional dependence". That is to say, we simply miss that feeling of being loved by another person. Ultimately, love is a kind of drug, but over time you also get used to being without it. We need to take advantage of this moment to look ahead, to find comfort in the people you really care about. After a few months, there will remain only the memory of a special person who was part of a chapter, now closed, of our life.

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