Who would have thought that in happiness there is so much sadness!

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Who would have thought that in happiness there is so much sadness!

Last update: July 15, 2015

The world will break your heart in all possible ways. This is little but sure and I am not able to give you an explanation, just as I am not able to give it to you for the madness I carry inside and for what others carry inside. Life is never fair, but you have to face the blows and move on. When your heart is broken you have to rebuild it, not only that, you have to start trusting others again, and this is the hardest part. Despite everything, even if life shatters all your dreams, you have to keep hoping. And do you know why? Because if you don't hope, if you don't dream, if you don't love… What kind of life are you living? Why do you want a life if you don't know how to enjoy it? You cannot live in fear forever. Life is like this: you fall, you get up and then you fall again. However, if you do not move even for fear of falling, in reality you are already going to peak ...

- Bright side

In life, I have known many people who have failed to use the stones at their disposal to build something: they would trip over it or load them on their backs. I did too.

In reality, as Benedetti said, I would never have said that in happiness there was so much sadness. I was convinced of quite another thing, that is, that happiness was a path of roses without thorns, and not of stones or impervious obstacles.

But I was not completely wrong, and you only begin to understand this when you are ready to be happy: happiness implies suffering, it is a strange condition that only the strong resist.

How funny, right? In truth, it is not so strange to think that happiness implies fullness, to understand which is an emotional balance to reach which sadness and difficulties are necessary.

This is why I am convinced that I need to grieve and feel pain in order to fulfill all my purposes. It would be a real shame not to take advantage of the effort it takes to get up after a fall.

I'll be honest with you: I didn't always get up after my falls, and I think it's among the most normal things in the world. It is precisely from the defeats that I have learned the most, because being shrouded in darkness made me realize that it is really worth getting up, even if the storm has exhausted us.

At bottom, you can't see the rainbow without some rain. I think being aware of this makes me a lucky person, because it means that life has treated me with consideration and taught me lessons.

In short, I came to the conclusion that, on our path, there are as many positive as there are negative things. This is not bad, but something necessary.

In fact, the most beautiful things in the world are wrapped in a great crudeness: after life there is death, which always involves a farewell; love can turn into madness and it can even turn into lack of love. All wonderful moments in life have an end.

This is precisely what makes them special. We need to pay attention to the signs to understand when life is giving us good times. If we want to see or do something, we must feel the need to do it in the best possible way.

Never stop doing something for fear of failure, remember that happiness also involves sadness, which is not a price to pay, but a necessary step.

“If we fall, it may be because we are walking along unknown paths”.

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