Who is James Collins and how his diet works

    Who is James Collins and how his diet works

    Il food as fuel to always give the best. This is the concept behind the food program conceived by James Collins and explained in detail in the book The Energy Plan just published in the UK, where the author is now considered a nutritionist-star.

    What has made him so famous is the fact that he has taken care of the diets of many Premier League footballers for at least a decade, as well as the fact that he worked for a long time in the Arsenal staff and was a consultant for the English national team, of France world champion in the 2021 and the athletes of the British expedition at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics.

    Eat well to give your best

    But be careful: Collins' program starts from his experience in the world of competitive sport, but is proposed as the solution to have the right energy in any other area.

    As shown in the book, which can be purchased in English on the amazon.com site, which is a compendium of dietary rules to have greater mental clarity, be more productive at work, achieve high physical performance and also, when needed, a reduction in excess fat.

    "Eating well to perform at your best" is in short the credo of Collins, who reveals: "It happens more and more frequently to receive in the studio people who do not play competitive sports, but who simply ask me for help because they want stop always feeling tired and fatigued in everyday life ".

    Variety must win

    How to have the right physical and mental energy to always be at the top, whatever the challenge to be faced?

    «The first recommendation», Replies the British nutritionist,« is from never restrict your diet to a few categories of foods, but on the contrary always favor variety at the table. In this way you will ensure an optimal range of nutrients necessary for the functioning of the organism. I am referring in particular to the macronutrients, which include carbohydrates (better low glycemic index, such as Quinoa, whole grains, oats, rye), fats and proteins, and micronutrients, represented by vitamins, antioxidants and mineral salts ».

    An indispensable food

    Second rule: do not forget that water is a fundamental nutrient, considering that it constitutes from 50 to 70% of our body. "His duties are different, fromaid digestion in transporting nutrients within the bodywhile also regulating the internal temperature, ”explains Collins.

    “The required supply of water it varies a lot depending on whether you do high-intensity sports (therefore taking into account to sweat a lot) or not, but in general the recommendation is to drink about 2 liters per day for men and 1,6 for women.

    And remember that water is also introduced by eating foods such as apples, melons, lettuce, strawberries". The nutritionist of the champions is also keen to highlight another concept: "Avoid calculating calories and focus on nutrients, choosing the right combinations of foods ». Which ones are they? Read on, you will find the 3 basic dishes of the food program he devised.

    Commitment you have, dish you need

    In his meal plan James Collins indicates 3 different compositions to put on the plate. Here are which ones and for what purpose.

    Fuel plate

    It is composed for 1/3 from proteins (no red meat, yes white meat, fish, eggs), 1/3 from carbohydrates, 1/3 from fruits and vegetables + 1 tablespoon of good fats (such as extra virgin olive oil, nuts or seeds).

    It is recommended both before and after sports. In view of a busy day, the suggested mix for breakfast is instead: Greek yogurt with blueberries + 1 wholemeal toast.

    Maintenance plate, the maintenance plate

    È split in half between proteins (white meats, fish, eggs) and fruits and vegetables, with the addition of 1 serving of good fats (1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, nuts or seeds).

    James Collins recommends it to recharge your batteries at the end of a day of normal activity. In short, it is the ideal dinner before a night's rest.

    Competition plate, the competition plate

    Made up for half from carbohydrates, 1/4 from proteins, 1/4 from vegetables + the usual spoonful of good fats. To recharge the body after an endurance training, a prolonged effort (such as a trekking in the mountains) or a physically very tiring day.

    As an alternative to water, you can drink a energy drink. "Always finding new variants, respecting the proportions indicated, is the best way to ensure the best fuel for the body", concludes Collins.


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