Who goes from fire to fire dies of cold

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Who goes from fire to fire dies of cold

Last update: 30 November 2016

Let's get one thing clear. Yes, I'm talking to you, who sometimes emerge from my soul with the desire to confuse me. It is not true that looking for warmth from one side or the other we will eventually find it, just as it is not true that there is sincere affection in all those superficial hugs. If we continue like this, as Antonio Porchia said, we will die of cold.

We are certainly trapped in a game of lies: we are committed to chasing something that will never give us what we need.. I think it's time to stop. I will try to convince you that it is not a bad thing to recognize that at certain times there is a need for love.

The behavior of the hummingbird

First, dear me, I will tell you about our behavior. Do you know what are the characteristics that distinguish hummingbirds from all other birds? They are skilled in flight, flap their wings more than 70 times per second, and are extremely accurate. And it is precisely the precision that allows them to support themselves in a fixed point to reach the nectar of a flower without touching or leaning on it. This is why some call them "pungifiore".

And do you know what happens? That the amount of energy they consume to be able to fly that fast is very high, so if they don't feed themselves properly, they die. However, the difference between a hummingbird's behavior and ours is that he can't act differently, while you and I can.

Is this expensive way of flying worth it? We fly, suck the nectar we think we need from another person without leaning too much on her and run away. We want some warmth, but we reject the affection that comes from under the skin. We end up looking for only an ephemeral satisfaction, then there is only cold, very cold.

Cold outside and empty inside

Cold outside and empty inside, this is what we feel. The frustration of those who see themselves completely lost and disoriented, of those who temporarily do not recognize themselves. Beyond the feeling of warmth and well-being that we seem to experience as we approach so many fires, we are filled with emotional desolation.

Too bad they still hadn't discovered black holes in space back then,

because it would have been much easier to understand that I felt a black hole in the middle of my chest,

from which an infinite cold flowed.

Laura Esquivel, Sweet as chocolate

 They tell us that we must learn to live alone, but clearly we were born to share life. We like to have someone beside us who shares our successes and sadness and who listens to us when we get home. That person we want to call, like this, on impulse, when we want to communicate something.

Know your current needs

You may be thinking that there was a time when going from fire to fire made sense: we had fun, lived new experiences and fulfilled our innermost desires. In that case everything seemed to be going well, because the needs we had were different.

However, today's weaknesses are not the same. We want a fire that really burns, that takes us away from the emptiness and loneliness that exists after waking up in different places every day. We are not made for this and you have to help me recognize it. Now we want them to burn us, for our hearts to burn and for others to love us.

It is good to have clear ideas in order to face the consequences of our actions. In other words, if we want to find warmth in a person, we need to start changing the direction our life is going: let's allow ourselves to be happy, let's allow ourselves to have a little love.

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