Which foods positively affect our mood?

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Which foods positively affect our mood?

Last update: June 01, 2015

To enjoy good health, it is very important to follow a rich and balanced diet, in which to include all the nutrients our body needs. If you add to this daily and constant physical activity, the quality of your life will certainly improve.

Although it may seem strange to you, there are several foods that can affect our mood. This is due to serotonin, a pleasure gland that is stimulated by eating and which helps fight stress and anxiety.

That said, surely many of you will be curious to know how foods can affect our mood. Do you want to find out? Then read the following information carefully.

Fruit: a great source of energy

First of all, we can say that fruit is one of the foods that can help us improve our mood the most. Among all the types of fruit, the banana stands out which, thanks to its high content of fiber, minerals, vitamins A and C and potassium, is an excellent option to consider to start the day in the best way. For a good start to the week, accompany your coffee / milk with some fruit.

Fish and legumes: the heart thanks

Fish and legumes are also considered foods of happiness thanks to the large quantities of vitamins and iron they bring to us. Especially salmon and tuna, which contain a lot of antioxidants and magnesium. This latter component is very healthy for our circulatory system and will also help keep bones strong and healthy, along with calcium.

Meat: three times a week

It is important not to forget about meat, which, if eaten in moderate quantities, is also a source of happiness from a nutritional point of view. It provides our body with large quantities of Vitamin B1 and, if cooked on the grill with a drop of oil, it is ideal.

The benefits of dark chocolate

And what about the desserts? Surely many of you were hoping to read this news. Well, we will tell you that a few grams of chocolate a day is not bad. However, it is good not to overdo it and choose dark chocolate. Among its advantages we remember that it increases the levels of "good" cholesterol, improves eyesight and helps to cheer up in difficult moments.

Avoid alcohol whenever possible

We all like to go out and have a drink with friends, to have fun. In fact, there are drinks such as wine or beer which, if consumed in moderate quantities, can bring numerous benefits to our health. Because? Simply because they enhance our creativity at work and lighten our mind. In addition, alcohol sometimes helps prevent some cardiovascular diseases thanks to its high levels of lipoproteins.

Be careful though, as alcohol can be a double-edged sword when consumed in large quantities. That is to say that if we abuse alcohol, we will initially enjoy a state of euphoria, which will then gradually decrease, causing the opposite effect.

As you have seen, there are foods for all tastes which, if taken in moderation and responsibly, can bring great benefits to both health and mind. The ancient Romans were right when they said"A sound mind in a sound body". Don't believe?

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