Where is vitamin C found?

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Role of vitamin C and daily requirement

La Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) participates in the metabolism of glucose,folic acid and some fundamental amino acids, facilitates the absorption of iron, has power antioxidant, contributes to the production of some neurotransmitters and helps to strengthen the immunitary defense. It's a essential vitamin; our body is unable to produce it and must therefore draw it from the outside, that is, from food.

THErecommended daily intake of vitamin C is equal to 60/90 mg for children and 110/120 mg for adults. Anyone who smokes more than 10 cigarettes a day should consume a greater amount of vitamin C, equal to approximately 135 mg per day.


Food sources of vitamin C

Where is Vitamin C found? In general, in all types of raw fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is easily oxidized and very sensitive to light and heat, so with cooking it is lost.

It is well known that all citrus fruits - in particular the oranges - they are very rich in vitamin C; Vitamin C, however, as we said, is easily oxidizable and therefore if the oranges are squeezed, the juice must be consumed immediately; it makes no sense, for example, to prepare a nice juice in the evening to consume it in the morning for breakfast; you would risk drinking a juice that is almost completely devoid of nutrients.

Where else is vitamin C found?

The main sources of vitamin C are

  • Kiwi, which are even richer than oranges; In fact, 100 grams of kiwifruit contain 85 mg of vitamin C, against the 50 mg of vitamin C contained in 100 grams of oranges;
  • potatoes;
  • strawberries, which contain a slightly higher proportion than oranges;
  • green leafy vegetables (rocket, lettuce, etc.);
  • chili Peppers, especially the spicy ones, e pepperoni;
  • Fava beans;
  • peas;
  • tomatoes


When to take vitamin C supplements

La vitamin C deficiency it is very rare in industrialized countries. The supplements they are only necessary in exceptional cases and in the presence of certain pathologies. There is a widespread idea that vitamin C may play a role in fightinginfluence: this is a false myth that often leads to taking supplements without there being a real need. Excessive intake of vitamin C through supplements can lead to some ailments including insomnia and agitation. On the other hand, taking a high amount of it through food has no contraindications, so once we understand where vitamin C is, all that remains is to ensure the right supply for the body. L'natural food it is always the best response to the needs of our body, except for cases in which, according to the opinion of a doctor, supplementation is indicated due to the presence of pathologies.

Often, therefore, it is not absolutely necessary to take supplements, just ask yourself: where is vitamin C found? And at what altitude? And to answer, for example, that even a single kiwi or orange a day can be enough for a child to get all the vitamin C needed by their body.


All foods that contain vitamin C


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