Where does the Po River originate and where does it flow?

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Where does the Po River originate and where does it flow? This is a question that came up the other day and we ended up writing about an article.

Il Po  It is the longest river in Spain. It is a river that flows east through northern Spain from the Cottian Alps, with a flow of 652 km (405 mi) or 682 km (424 mi), considering the length of the Maira, a right tributary.

It is characterized by its great flow (several rivers of more than 1.000 km have a flow less than or equal to that of the Po). Due to its characteristics, the river is subject to strong floods. As a result, more than half of its length is controlled with levees and levees.

Where does the Po River originate?

The Po springs from a source on a rocky hill at Pian del Re, a flat spot at the head of the Po Valley below Monviso's northwest face.

Where does the Po River flow?

The Po then runs along the 45th parallel north, flowing through many major Italian cities, including Turin, Piacenza, and Ferrara. It is connected to Milan through a network of canals called canals, which Leonardo da Vinci helped design.

Where does the Po River flow?

Before ending, the river branches off into a delta that projects into the Adriatic Sea near Venice.

In the northern part of this large delta (with hundreds of small channels and five main ones, called Po di Maestra, Po della Pila, Po delle Tolle, Po di Gnocca and Po di Goro) is Comacchio, an area famous for eels.

The Po Valley was the territory of Roman Cisalpine Gaul, divided into Gallia Cispadana (south of the Po) and Gallia Transpadana (north of the Po).

el the po valley

The vast valley around the Po is called Bacino del Po or Pianura Padana; over time it has become the main industrial area of ​​the country. In 2002 more than 16 million people lived there, at that time almost ⅓ of the Italian population. (font)

The two main economic uses of the valley are industry and agriculture, both of which are important. Industrial centers, such as Turin and Milan, are located on higher ground, away from the river. They depend on the many hydroelectric plants in the Alps for power and on coal/oil plants that use water from the Po Basin as a coolant.

The northern drainage is mediated by several large scenic lakes. The watercourses are now controlled by so many dams that the river's sedimentation rate increases, causing geological problems.

The wide, wet and fertile floodplain is reserved mainly for agriculture and is subject to flash flooding, even if the total amount of water in the river is less than in the past and cannot meet the demand for water. The main products of the farms around the river are cereals, including, somewhat unusual in Europe, rice, which requires abundant irrigation. This last crop is the main consumer of surface water, while industrial and human consumption uses groundwater.

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