When you least expect it, everything is for the best

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When you least expect it, everything is for the best

Last update: Augusts 18, 2015

And when you least expect it, when you believe that everything is going wrong, that every detail of your life is sinking, suddenly something unexpected happens ...

Federico Moccia

When you least expect it, you find the inner strength, you get up, you decide to live for real and you want to win. Because after the storm there is always calm, there are no exceptions to this rule.

When you least expect it, find yourself, start being the person you've always wanted to be, do what you've always wanted to do, stop worrying about possible disappointments, and take the path you have always wanted to take.

The biggest prison is your mind

I think I have learned a little truth, that the world wants you fast so that you can always arrive on time, it wants you fast, to remember only the sound of your passing. This is why when you really realize that you are not going anywhere… Then you accelerate! (3msc)

It is therefore a question of understanding that life does not consist in running, but in walking calmly, to be able to learn from every past moment, no matter how bad it is, because every moment has something to tell us.

Certainly, living is complicated, but resisting the rocking of our boat at high tide is even more difficult. However, remember that there are no impossible paths to cross: if we fall a thousand times, we will have to and can get up a thousand and one times.

One day, suddenly, you will begin to win your battles

Sooner or later, all the pieces will fall into place. Until that moment, laugh during the confusion, live in the moment and remember that everything happens for a reason.

Be strong, resist and fight without fear, because things will seem more difficult to you if you stop trying andabove all, life is TODAY, not tomorrow.

The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that you can't fall any further, you can only take the push to rise to the surface. The solution is to always look up, push firmly and emerge.

Believe it and, with the right impulse, you will succeed: everyone is able to go back, thanks to the survival instinct.

If you feel that you are at the bottom of the abyss, the right thing to do is not to lie to yourself, but to admit and accept what happens to you., do not deny anything and understand that your sadness is telling you to decide to heal your emotional wounds.

The sun always comes back to shine!

And suddenly, here it happens, something clicks, and in that moment you know that things are about to change, indeed they have already changed. From that moment on, things will never be the same ... Never again. (3msc)

We suffer more than we should for things that have no solution. We spend our life longing for stability and order, but we don't realize that nothing is immobile: everything we build is destroyed, the people we love leave, what we possess is lost, etc.

Accepting that our life is in constant motion is the right way to find the push we need to rise from the abyss and float, to see the sun. We have fallen and hurt ourselves, but now we are able to heal our wounds, to forgive and to forgive ourselves.

It is very important to try to avoid collapse, because hitting the bottom scares us a lot. We must not let the boat go adrift, we must never be satisfied or let ourselves be influenced by others. It takes courage, but if you put your heart into it you will succeed.

Tear down the walls in front of you, and a new horizon will open up before you. Change your glasses, and you will contemplate life in another way.

When you hear the desperate echo of emptiness, you can feel that life is whispering to you to resist, because then you will be happy, but now is the time to be strong.

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