When we get to that river, we'll cross that bridge

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When we get to that river, we'll cross that bridge

Last update: April 10, 2015

This phrase from Emperor Julius Caesar simply exemplifies the need we have to learn to live in the present moment.

How often, when faced with conflicting situations, do we tend to anticipate events without considering that there are other possibilities, and, worst of all, with the story that we remain with our idea, we immediately believe in the most negative option, suffering for all the emotional charge that that event entails even before it happens in reality.

For this it would be advisable that realize that we are healing the wound even before it is there and ask ourselves if what we think will really happen like this or if there may be alternatives. If we do, we will be able not to get stuck in a single possibility that usually has very little chance of happening as we think.

In addition, in any event of our life we ​​will find ourselves faced with two alternatives that will develop in a positive (50%) or negative (50%) way, therefore, What need is there to focus more intensely on the option that causes us the most psychological harm?

Perhaps we should approach this phrase to curb the tendency to anticipate events and wait for the wound to be there before healing it. We hope it will be useful!

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