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Is everyone better at Christmas? Not even. If lately you see your life as one prigione, you must read this article. It will give you little tips politically correct to be applied when you feel that the routine cages you, to get out of the monotony and regain your freedom.

"Half a man's life is spent implying, turning his head and keeping quiet."

A. Camus

You do a job that doesn't suck but doesn't excite you either, so you count the hours that separate you from Friday.

Frequent the same people for years.

The days seem to rewind all the same up to crush you.

To break the rhythm a little, an hour in the gym every three days.

You breathe in the idea of ​​the Christmas holidays but you already feel bad at the idea of ​​starting over in January.

In short, your current life it takes your breath away, fire ?!

And you have no idea what to do, where to start over.

Well, forgive me, but ...

  • Who forces you to do that job that, after all, odes?
  • Who ordered you to hang out with people you don't have nothing to share?
  • What rule tells you to put the interests of others did you?
  • Is there perhaps some code in the constitution that requires you to behave like the most of people?

Yes yes, I can hear the usual excuses so far: "and how do I get there at the end of the month", "but they are relatives", "then I would find myself isolated", "it's my duty", etc.

The truth is, your greatest duty is to, first and foremost, to take care of yourself.

... and if, more and more often, you feel stressed, unmotivated, emptied of energy, saddened, resigned, gray, dull, your greatest duty is to come back to feel yourself fully alive, master of your time, enthusiastic about your life, energetic, healthy, solid and ricco of projects for the future.

If these words triggered something inside you, read on.

When routine cages you ... the fault is yours

Or rather, your brain.

It is we who trap ourselves, through our beliefs.

The mentality of "handbrake"Takes root over the years (by character or external conditioning: education, experiences, difficulties, etc.) and makes us see more bars than those that really exist.

It shows us a future and a universe that shrink more and more, like a gallery.

Because the brain, we have said many times, organizes new information based on past experiences and makes decisions based on what you have already experienced, especially if you have obtained results that it considers appreciable.

But what worked or didn't work in the past won't necessarily work in the future. On the contrary: very often behaviors are needed different to have success.

Don't be afraid to leave the cage

Your brain, on the other hand, automatically chooses solutions that may not hurt you but lead you nowhere.

I mean, even now you continue to behave like the child who is afraid of being scolded by his mother.

Do the same things as always, even if deep down something tells you that you should be somewhere else. You are convinced that you have no alternatives.

You continue to behave well, according to the criteria of others.

Not to give problems. Not to displace. To obey and please.

Even if you feel to choke.

You know those birds who stay still inside the cage even when it is open, ending up dying of hunger?

Well, we often behave like them, all in all reassured by our comfort zone that shows us the striped sky.

When routine cages you ... take flight

"Freedom is scary when you are not used to using it."

Robert Schuman.

Well, Andrè, what should we do after this nice blow of the day?!?

Simple (to say): get used to the taste of freedom.


Doing a little less the ... good.

Returning to center us more about ourselves, learning to select and listen to our true needs and desires, starting to make room for risk and adventure within our days.

So here are 10 ideas to break the routine and go back to living with enthusiasm to be put into practice already during the holiday period.

10 things to do when routine cages you

We will see solutions together unorthodox - and in a party format - to rediscover ours sense of freedom and don't be afraid to leave the cage.

The only rules of the game are these:

  • identify and question all the rules you have tax.
  • break the negative habits you are fond of.
  • stop being victim of your perfectionism and your preconceptions.

Why, I'll tell you a secret: familiar things aren't always the best.

Imagine if as a child I never had the courage to taste ice cream….

Are you ready?

1. Refuse

"The truly free man is the one who refuses an invitation to lunch without feeling the need to invent an excuse."

Jules Renard.

The Christmas season is by definition a time of celebration, relaxation, joy and warmth.

Yet, if you think about it, it doesn't often end up becoming one too stress, with days that proceed in forced stages, shopping marathons to find that dress or that gift, lunches and dinners that leave you exhausted?

Because, most likely, you welcome you too many commitments. You attend too many gatherings, just out of courtesy and tradition. And something tells me you do the same thing for the rest of the year, again for this matter of politeness.

Since the doctor didn't order anything like that from you this year you choose who to dedicate yourself to.

Reject (politely, of course :-D) all invitations or social occasions for which you don't feel real joy at the idea of ​​participating.

2. Exclude

Take hours only and exclusively for yourself.

Without family, without friends, without partners, without smartphones.

And do something you like to get mad.

Go to the movies alone. Take a ride on an ice skating rink. Give yourself a course that interests you (any reference to 365 - An Epic Year it's purely coincidental). Enjoy a slice of that dessert they cook in the best bakery. Sounds like you did as a kid.

And then think about how you felt.

Instead of always burying her under a ton of useless and / or negative thoughts, she starts listening again that voice subtle that spoke to you a long time ago.

3. No food

For a few days, don't go to the supermarket.

No, I'm not saying you have to go hungry (although, at Christmas, I see it as a peregrine problem;)).

I ask you not to live working of your refrigerator and all those thousand small home emergencies.

Damn, think that they once lived and conquered empires even without shops open 24 hours a day!

Avoiding running to the supermarket to meet any trivial need will lead you to better consider what you already have and avoid waste.

Side effect: you will find that many interesting recipes arise precisely in these circumstances and you will learn to optimize your resources (spoilers: not just materials).

4. Don't count on anyone

"No one is free if he is not his own master."


Each of us often does supports to someone else for certain aspects of daily life.

Refuel, cook dinner, organize a trip, keep track of expenses, book tickets for a trip.

Several chores become teamwork - and this, in some cases, is certainly a good thing.

But, for a few days, get by completely alone and make the small decisions without consulting with anyone (from how to dress for that party to what to do for New Year's Eve).

You will give a necessary refresh to your sense of autonomy.

5. Would you ever do such a thing ?!

I bet that, at least a couple of times in your life, you have exclaimed, to others or to yourself: "Ah, I could not may to do it!".

It must have been about tasting a plate of escargot, jumping with a parachute, taking a trip on foot, telling someone what you really think of him, singing a love song at some girl's window, talking to someone. your mother of intimate things or to perform any action that is somewhat out of the common concept of normality.

Well, this winter is a good time to learn that "things like that" lead you to make exciting discoveries.

6. Bastian contrary

We are talking about vitality.

Your energy is one of the most important and precious things to safeguard.

Yet, we often disperse it completely or become trapped in vicious circles that make us sink more and more into a spiral of tiredness and bad mood of which we become slaves.

The next time you experience negative feelings, you feel tired / bored / angry, get used to reacting in the opposite way (or in any case different) than you usually do.

If you empty the refrigerator when you feel tired, this time go out and take a walk.

If you immerse yourself in social networks when you're bored, call a friend you haven't heard from in a while.

If you break out when you are angry and end up saying things you don't think, drop the discussion and go somewhere else.

7. Vicious

“Regularity, order and perfection destroy art. Irregularity is the basis of any type of art. "

A. Renoir.

If, until now, using your alleged virtù, you found yourself in a cage, perhaps it is appropriate to send them on vacation, at least for a few hours.

Did you bet everything on your accuracy? Take the liberty of to neglect the inessential.

You are appreciated for your sympathy and ? Today, stay a little more on your own and see what happens.

Do they respect you for your courage? Think of something that scares you.

Change your own setting radical it will lead you to discover new sides of yourself and things.

For example, you may find that in certain contexts your generosity is more exploited than appreciated and you will be able to easily notice which are the most sincere contacts you are dealing with.

Once the experiment is over, you can start using your virtues again in a much more conscious, punctual and effective way.

8. Put your beak all over

You know those people who always have to have their say, even when no one has asked them?

Those who take theinitiative even if it is not strongly necessary, they ask questions up to be annoying, they offer themselves as volunteers for tests during conferences?

I know, they are often not champions of sympathy.

But in these days I ask you to get some inspiration from them.

He begins to to intervene much more in your life, with words and gestures.

In this way, you will cancel the so-called "spectator effect“, Which removes responsibility and leads to extremes of paradoxical negativity (you know people who witness public violence without lifting a finger at the aggressor?).

9. No gift packages

It can be annoying to dedicate whole afternoons to winning gifts for relatives, friends & acquaintances.

But it is also quite reassuring.

You've done it for years, you have / you will do it again this time.

And the next one.

What if instead of gliding judiciously on yet another perfume for her and a tie for him, you refrain from regular shopping and donate something very different - and perhaps very meaningful?

Avoid giving gifts materials, or don't limit yourself to that, it will impose an interesting effort on you.

For example, you will very easily notice which one is your personal one hierarchy of affections: who are the people you care most about and with whom you most want to be?

What could you do beautifully with them and for them?

What do they really want to learn or experience?

Does it make sense to neglect them in favor of others, just for the common sense of convenience?

10. Run away

“They tell me: if you find a sleeping slave, don't wake him up, maybe he is dreaming of freedom. And I answer: if you find a sleeping slave, wake him up and talk to him about freedom. "

Khalil Gibran.

Finally, to leave behind your daily monotony definitively, what better inspirations than those that can give us the great evasion of history?

Let's see what they can teach us.

Jack Sheppard he was the inventor of the technique, which later became famous, of escape through sheets knotted.

In practice, the thief found a different way to combine elements he had on hand and transform them into something new.

Another “do it yourself” phenomenon is Papillon, who apparently even built a boat with coconuts that surrounded him.

Try to think about how you could better combine the tiles of the puzzle of your life in order to obtain results that break down the claustrophobia of your routine and restore your enthusiasm.

Dillinger, once, he managed to escape by brandishing a piece of wood covered with shoe polish.

When we say conviction.

Finally, an objectively brilliant technique is that of three tunnels, invented by some Allied prisoners in a German prison camp in Poland.

They began to dig at the same time three tunnels, so if the Germans had discovered one they would have believed they had blocked the escape in the bud.

From this example you can learn the importance of alternatives and plans b!

Side effects of freedom

Good. We have come to the end.

I know that in some ways these tips may have blown you away, and maybe Santa Claus wouldn't be happy about it, but getting back to center and doing good things first of all for yourself is essential to get back to breathing. full lungs own life.

Indeed, you know what I'm telling you ... be more selfish in the new year!

Yes, I know, it is definitely not politically correct to suggest this, but I am deeply convinced that much of the problems we have in the world today are due to frustrated people who have not taken sufficient care of themselves.

I am deeply convinced that being selfish at a certain stage of one's life is the most selfless gesture we can make.

Only accomplished and centered individuals are able to truly help others and contribute positively to society.

And speaking of healthy selfishness...

Invest in yourself in the new year

Imagine investing every day of the new year in your personal growth and doing it ...

  • On the one hand focusing on your most ambitious goals.
  • On the other hand, by acquiring transversal skills that make you a more confident, constant, focused, serene person, etc.

Think about where you could go if you decide to dedicate the next ones 365 days to make yours explode potential and yours results...

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