When Personal Growth techniques don't work

When Personal Growth techniques don't work

In recent years, Personal Growth has gained many followers, but at the same time, many detractors. It's understandable, as the road that may seem perfect for some people may not be perfect for others. There are those who learn by watching others and those by doing everything by themselves. There is no right or wrong way, the important thing is that everyone achieves their goals after enjoying the journey.

In general, Personal Growth programs work, but only if we put them into practice bearing in mind some fundamental aspects

Customize, customize and personalize


One of the reasons personal growth techniques don't work is that people are looking for a standard way of approaching things and are unable (or unwilling to) choose the one that works for them and discard the unnecessary. .

For example, in this blog I have shared various relaxation and breathing techniques in order to allow people to find peace of mind. Ideally, everyone should try these techniques and then choose the one that gives them the best results. The key to success is personalization. Therefore, if you are following a Personal Growth program, the secret to reaping the benefits lies in the ability to personalize the lessons learned. Take what you need, apply it to yourself and forget the rest.

Expectations too high


Another reason for saying that Personal Growth programs don't work is that they impose unrealistic expectations. I mean, if you have severe depression or an impulse control disorder, it is unlikely that you can get rid of any of these problems permanently and forever. You can learn to control the symptoms and live a normal life, but you are very likely to suffer from a relapse in the future. This is normal, and it doesn't mean the program was unsuccessful.

In fact, one of the first things a psychologist does is to analyze the person's expectations and make sure they are realistic. So, if you are considering pursuing a Personal Growth program, think about your expectations first. Remember that the growth program is not a permanent solution but a path.

In this regard, many people think that simply by reading a book or enrolling in a Personal Growth course, they will change. But change is something that has to come from within, it is not something that a psychologist or a book can induce from the outside. In this case the saying does not apply: “If Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad“. Unless you make the effort to climb the mountain, you will never be able to enjoy the splendid panorama.

Unfortunately, personal change is a slow process and often includes setbacks. If you plan to reach happiness in a week or reach enlightenment in a month, it is best not to even start a personal growth program as it would be an unnecessary waste of time.

The good news is that personal growth techniques, while not a cure-all, do work. You just need to be persistent and learn how to apply them in your particular case.

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