When loving from a distance is a choice

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When loving from a distance is a choice

Last update: 14 March, 2017

There are many ways of understanding love, many forms of loving and feeling loved, but some of them are judged negatively by those who cannot understand them. One of these peculiar ways of experiencing love is to love at a distance by choice.

We are not talking about those couples who are forced by circumstances to live apart, for reasons of work or family for example, but those who voluntarily decide not to live under the same roof.

To love from a distance is, ultimately, to be a couple, but without living as a couple. It is like a permanent engagement in which the intimacy part of being able to live together is rejected. The other activities are carried out like any other couple, but the idea of ​​moving in together is simply not taken into consideration.

This way of understanding love is seen with surprise and reticence by the rest of society, especially by those couples who desire coexistence, but cannot achieve it. They fail to understand how a love can exist in which there is the explicit renunciation of sharing the intimacy offered by life under one roof. They are convinced that behind this decision there is a deep fear of commitment.

According to Sternberg's Triangular Theory, in order for you to be able to speak of mature and complete love, there must be three fundamental pillars: 

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