When laziness knocks on the door

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When laziness knocks on the door

Last update: 06 March, 2015

We all know about laziness.
Maybe she has been your life partner for a long time.
Maybe it just showed up sometimes and then disappeared without a trace.

Why does laziness appear?

Laziness is a friend of comfort, of the known, of not taking risks. When it accompanies us we just want to stay with it, in solitude, without doing anything, without moving, without investigating. It is no coincidence that laziness knocks on our door when we most need to go out, to take risks, to try new things. It is a "wrong emotional and mental strategy" that apparently protects us from everything that gets the better of us, from what makes us feel bad, from what scares us.

This is why laziness appears in our lives just when we are about to explode, when there are too many problems, when everything hurts us and we don't know what to do or we don't want to do anything.

Laziness protects us from any movement because it disposes the whole body and mind to "rest". However, are we really resting? Are we calm? Only at the memory of laziness do we already feel a feeling of annoyance, of malaise, we know that we have to "do something", but we do not know where to start and we continue on the same path, lying on the sofa, passing the days, without making decisions, without doing you move forward, without risking anything, without doing sports, without looking for work, without studying, without quitting smoking and so on.

What to do with laziness? Where to start?

If his company is not pleasant, we will be better off without it. What happens is that, after a period of laziness, it is not easy to get back on the road.

We propose you to plan, starting from something simple, not too risky or daring, in order to start moving and going out again. to be able to walk to a simple destination.

Second, make it your goal to complete it, every day, without exception. This will produce satisfaction and movement, and the movement generates further movement, which is the engine we need to leave laziness behind.

If one day laziness has come to visit you, leave it alone, leave the house, prepare a plan to be implemented and put it into practice. Rather invite your willpower, and with it you will be able to walk, to complete projects, to move towards change.

Cultivate willpower

You have to cultivate willpower, you have to invite it and take care of it so that it stays with you. The only thing you need is to have the will, which is to want to leave laziness and take back your life. To do this, use all your strength, those that you have within you when you care a lot about something and are determined to be able to get it. As you bring out this inner strength, you will feel that you have more, that you are strong and that if you aim for it, nothing can stop you or turn you back from laziness because you can achieve what you want.

The magical aspect of this discovery is that, although at first it will require a great deal of effort that you have had to impose on yourself, little by little you will realize that willpower arises by itself, because there are many things that motivate you. set in motion, all without the need for any effort.

For this, the gift of this forced start is the satisfaction and motivation of "getting going" that will make you feel very good about yourself.

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