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Everyone has their own food attitutide and if you have wheat intolerances, it is best to avoid it. But if not, the wheat germ can be a great help for the muscle health.

For athletes, in fact, wheat germ is more than indicated, as it improves the transport of energy to the muscles and improves performance and athletic performance.


Food and miraculous oil: wheat germ

If we intend wheat germ as a food, we are referring to small yellowish flakes that can fall at will on yogurt, salads, fruit (whoever writes to you often consumes them over orange, precisely because of the Vitamin C + Vitamin E combination).

It is a real nutritional supplement for athletes: the important is eat it raw (in this way they keep all their properties intact) without exceeding the daily dose of 50 g.  

If instead we refer to vegetable oil, wheat germ oil reduces the oxidation process of cells and therefore the formation of free radicals, it is advisable in those who are under stress or in a period of intense work, in those suffering from psycho-physical fatigue, in those who practice sports. It prevents the onset of atherosclerosis, lowers cholesterol, and is also preventative of disorders such as cataracts thanks to vitamin E.

It can be administered orally as a preventative remedy for stress and aging. Take 2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals.

Wheat germ oil can also be used for massage to tone muscles and for skin care. Dilute the oil in an equal amount of olive oil and carefully massage the affected parts until completely absorbed. 


You can learn more about the properties and use of wheat germ oil


Wheat germ and vitamin E

Wheat germ is rich in Vitamin E, that vitamin that "works" in close synergy with vitamin C. This terrific couple results in antioxidant effects protecting cells from the aggression of free radicals.

Vitamin E also regulates blood flow by intervening in the synthesis of heme, a fraction of hemoglobin that allows the transport of oxygen in the blood tissue. It is not superfluous to assume it, indeed, it is vital: below certain levels of plasma concentration, red blood cells become more fragile and their lifespan is shortened.

In addition to wheat germ, you can find it in vegetable oils such as soy (18,50 mg / 100 g), olive (22,40 extra virgin) but also sunflower (68) can be used profitably as a super-vitamin condiment for foods. Use everything raw, because the heat destroys it Vitamin E.

And keep the bottles in the dark, vitamin E is very sensitive to light. Not only for sportsmen, but for women in general, as vitamin E regulates the menstrual cycle and it is anti-abortion. Not only that: it reduces the hot flashes of menopausal women


Do you know all the properties of vitamin E?


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