What to Write to a Girl in Chat or Message? 50+ Examples

You stai chiedendo what to write to a girl you like, to conquer it or to get to know it better?

You're not the only one…

Many kids have problems with what to write to a girl in chat, or by text, and in general they have no method to follow to communicate effectively with you.

But in this digital age, knowing what to say to a girl in chat is really essential, as most of our interactions take place via chat, text message, message, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram ...

In this article I want to give you practical examples of phrases and messages to write to a girl in chat, also explaining what to write to a girl in different situations (including the first message).

What to write to a girl in chat

We are ready to see a roundup of examples of messages to write to a girl, and phrases to conquer a girl in chat, accompanied by general principles to be respected in order to be successful.

To learn more, I also invite you to read my other article on how to chat with a girl, in which I reveal 10 very common mistakes that guys make in seduction via messages.

1. Make her curious

The advent of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Meetic, and all other dating sites has profoundly changed the way we experience dating and relate to the opposite sex.

Until a few years ago you could only chat with a girl if you previously had the balls to ask her for her phone number. Today, however, any guy has the ability to contact 100 strangers a day if he wants, and many actually do.

This means that the messages you exchange with the girl you like, or with any girl you know on the internet, are just one of the hundreds of chats on her phone. You are not the only one who requires his attention, and for that you must learn to stand out and be as original as possible.

What to Write to a Girl in Chat or Message? 50+ Examples

You certainly won't be able to seduce a girl in chat if you are trivial and act like all the other guys who write her things every day like:

  • "Hi beautiful"
  • "Hey what are you doing?"
  • "Hello, how are you today?"

When you think about what to write to a girl in chatAlways remember that she receives dozens of messages like this every week, so your goal is to stand out and impress. It aims to convey emotions, tease her imagination and make her curious:

  • "You'll never guess what happened to me ..."

2. Ask her smart questions

Asking smart questions is a great way to force the girl you're chatting with to think and put some commitment and participation into your interaction.

Keep in mind that the more a girl invests in the conversation and gets involved, the more she will feel attracted to you. For this to make non-trivial questions it really is a very powerful weapon when you think about what to write to a girl in chat. Examples of questions to ask a girl:

  • "What is one thing you are proud of?"
  • "What are your plans for the future?"
  • "Do you have any regrets?"

3. Ask her to do something for you

Another way to get her to put more into play is to ask her to do something for you:

  • "Watch this video and tell me what you think ..."
  • "Add me on Facebook, I'm ..."
  • “Give me your WhatsApp number. It will be more comfortable to feel there "

If a girl doesn't want to invest, and isn't willing to go with you in these little things, you can be sure she'll never make an investment that's big enough to go out on a date with you. If it doesn't invest, move on to the next ?

4. Use the role playing technique

Instead of being serious all the time talking about politics, school, or work, try to set up a conversation light and fun. This does not mean that you have to become a clown, making constant jokes or avoiding serious talk: rather, she aims to alternate moments of seriousness with moments of joke, and to create an atmosphere of complicity that you can use to seduce her.

The techniques to create a joking atmosphere with a girl in chat are really many, and I can't describe them all in this article, but you will find them all in the Message Method ebook, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Here are some examples of messages to be sent to a girl, using the powerful technique of Role playing game.

  • "I can teach you to ... but know that I am a very strict teacher ..."
  • "Ok, from now on you are officially my best friend!"
  • "Ok, enough ... it's over between us."

5. Show that you have standards

Another fundamental element to take into consideration when thinking about what to write to a girl is to show your worth.

Women are attracted to men of value, interesting, sure of themselves and of what they want from life. So make sure you let her feel just a pinch of this value, and she'll definitely want to get to know you better.

One of the many ways to show your worth is to clearly state that you have standards, both in relationships with the opposite sex and in life in general.

  • "I don't like narcissistic girls ... and it seems to me that luckily you are not one of them."
  • "I can't appreciate unambitious people."
  • "You are good at cooking?"

6. Make fun of her

Another key point on what to say to a girl in chat is to tease her about little things she says or does. This shows her that you are not putting her on the pedestal, it creates complicity between you and makes her curious to know if you are really interested in her or just want to joke.

For example, you can call her with gods playful nicknames, or label it as a "bad girl":

  • “Hello sleepyhead! I bet you haven't got out of bed yet: D "
  • "You're a mozzarella ... you should get some sun;)"

7. Give her covert compliments

To chat with you, it's also important to show your interest in the other person. If the girl you're texting feels like you're not interested in her at all, she won't be happy to continue the conversation with you and won't see any reason to do so, even though you've shown yourself to be cool.

You must therefore show your interest, but you must not do it in a direct and obvious way, complimenting her on the physical appearance. Rather, try to be veiled, playful, indirect, original, specific and not too explicit. Here are some examples:

  • "I like the way you dress, it shows that you have a good taste with colors."
  • “Do you also have any other interesting qualities besides sympathy? ;) "
  • "You're pretty ... it's a pity you're blonde: P"

8. Don't always answer seriously

When you ask yourself what to write to a girl in response to her questions, my advice is to remain mysterious, and not answer precisely to every question she asks you.

Her every question is an opportunity for you to flirt, tease her, and show yourself elusive and mysterious. You will be able to give her the true answer after a while, but make her work hard first. That way it will be more and more curious to know more about you. Let's see some examples:

  • Her: "How old are you?" You: "Try to guess :)"
  • Her: "What area of ​​the city do you live in?" You: “Do you already want to come and stalk me under the house? : P "

Examples of messages to write to a girl

Having seen a set of principles, techniques and phrases to hook up in chat, let's go into more detail and see what to write to a girl in chat based on the case in which we find ourselves. I'm sure you will find some very useful examples ?

What to write to a girl you just met

You just met a girl you like. You took his number or added it to Facebook. Now you would like to write something to her but you have no idea how to do it ...

Writing them is absolutely necessary, and must be done within a few hours since you met her, or the next day at the latest. If you wait too long, you risk nullifying the positive emotions that may have already been created between you. The longer you wait, the stranger it will become for her to receive a message from you.

As for what to write to her, my advice is to opt for something very simple, which relates to something you talked about when you met her. Also if you are going to write them on WhatsApp remember to include your name. Examples:

  • "Happy to have met another inveterate traveler tonight ? - Luca."
  • "Nice to meet you, new friend ? - The tram boy."

What to write to a girl after a night out

When you ask yourself what to write to a girl after a night at the club or at the bar, the rule is always the same: send her a light and positive message that reminds her of the moments we spent together.

  • “Hi dancer. Pleased to meet you ? - The boy with the fluorescent shirt. "

Obviously it is useless to fixate on what to say to a girl in chat if when you met her in person you didn't know how to give her the right emotions. If she is attracted to you she will respond to this simple message very positively, otherwise she will not respond to you either.

What to write to a girl on Tinder

If you have to text a girl you've had a match with on Tinder, or another dating site, the first rule of thumb is to stand out from the hundreds of other guys who text her things like:

  • "Hi beautiful, are we going out?"
  • "What a bona you are!"
  • "Thanks for the compatibility!"
  • "Hi how are you?"
  • "Where are you from?"

A great way to be original is to look carefully at his profile, and ask her a clever question or a nice remark based on the information you managed to get. Examples:

  • “For being a lover of… you have a pretty elaborate look. What do you do in your life?"
  • “I see we share a passion for France. How did it start for you? "
  • "Do you like to travel, you surf, and you are good at cooking ... is there something you can't do?"

But this is only the first step ...

In fact, remember that Tinder dating apps and sites are a great resource for get to know a large number of girls without making a lot of effort. However, most guys who sign up for a dating site don't have a method to follow to get results and make appointments… and then they get very little results!

What to write to a girl on Facebook

On Facebook the situation will be substantially different from that of the approach on Tinder. In fact, contacting a stranger for no reason on Messenger you risk looking like a maniac and in 90% of cases you will not receive an answer. This is why I strongly advise against contacting strangers on Facebook !! It doesn't really make sense and it won't get you anything.

If, on the other hand, you already know the girl, at least by sight, then you can make a comment / joke related to something she has recently published.

First message to an unknown girl on Instagram

On Instagram, my advice is to avoid writing a message to a girl you don't know right away, so as not to be taken as a loser or a stalker.

Instead, focus on increasing followers and making your profile more interesting. Then follow her, interact progressively with her photos by liking and commenting, and if you see that she reciprocates, she also begins to reply to some of her stories.

As you already know, commenting on someone's story on Instagram is equivalent to starting a private chat with this person, but without putting any pressure and without forcing them to undertake a speech. It can be a tool really effective.

What to write to a girl I haven't heard from for a long time

When you want to reconnect with a girl after a long time you don't hear from her anymore, you have to do it using a valid excuse to hang up the button, otherwise she'll think you were bored and decided to dig up some random girl from the bottom of your column.

Any girl wants to feel special; she wants to know you were thinking of her for a good reason. So take a cue from the latest content she posted on social media, or tell her that for some reason you thought about her:

  • “Hey Marta, how was the holidays? I saw that you were in Egypt ... I went there last year and it was really a crazy experience :) "
  • "How are you Marta? Are you still in town? You'll never guess who told me about you yesterday ... "
  • "It may seem absurd but I dreamed of you last night ... :)"
  • “Do you happen to have a look-alike in Barcelona? : D "

What to write to a girl to go out

Very often, whether a girl wants or doesn't want to go out with you won't depend on what you write to invite her on a date. This will be more related to how much you managed to attract her previously.

However, it is possible to follow a certain pattern for inviting a girl out via messages:

  • Find out in advance about things she likes (wine, playing ping pong, skating, salsa dancing ...)
  • Ask her what her plans are for the next few days to get an idea of ​​when she'll be freer.
  • If she responds positively and seems enthusiastic, give her an invite!

What to write to a girl to get to know her better

To get to know a girl better, you need to make her profound questions, which allow her to reveal her values, her goals and her passions to you. You won't get to know her better by asking her what she does, but you will achieve that by asking her why she does it, or what she likes or dislikes about her job. This is just one example! Let's see others:

  • "What is your greatest passion?"
  • "What would you like to change about your life?"
  • "What is your biggest dream?"
  • “Why do you like writing so much? How does it make you feel while doing it? "
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