What to do when you are about to explode?

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What to do when you are about to explode?

Last update: January 20, 2016

Sometimes getting angry can be a good thing. It is still an emotion that allows you to release frustrations and repressed anger. An emotion that arises when we find ourselves in difficulty.

Anger, however, is something that comes and goes and that allows us to react in different ways in the face of the same situation.. For example, if I have lent a book to someone who hasn't returned it to me yet, anger can push me to take action and claim it so that I can get it back.

This does not necessarily imply shouting or being angry when we want to recover something that belongs to us. On the contrary, it is a controlled stimulus that pushes us to ask for what we have loaned back.

You are able to express your anger or hold it until you can't take it anymore and have no choice but to "explode"?

The healthiest choice is the first, but if you are not capable of it, then we will give you some advice to understand what to do when you have it up to your hair.

When I lose control

One of the consequences of not releasing anger in small doses is the accumulation of this emotion. All that we repress, that we do not say for fear of how others might react, all that bothers us, but we do not do this, all this is kept within us, it is not eliminated.

It is very important to know that ignoring what is bothering us will not make it go away. We will always keep what we think to ourselves, even if we are not aware of it.

For example, if I was bothered by the behavior of a friend, if the situation in the family is not the best, or if I have problems at work due to stress, it will sooner or later come out.

Even if we think we forget what has bothered us about our friend, even if it is only one thing, in reality then everything we have kept inside up to that moment will come out..

It is precisely when we explode that we lose control over ourselves. Surely if you are such a person, you will surprise others and yourself with your reactions.

Probably, when you lose control of yourself, you don't even remember what you say or do. Everything comes out of you without any control.

This makes you completely unpredictable. At any moment you could explode, you don't decide when. You are like a time bomb that will explode sooner or later.

I'm about to explode, what do I do?

It is difficult to determine when we will explode, but if we know each other well, we will know when we are on the verge of losing control, even if it is already too late.

The best thing is to learn to bring out everything we feel when we try it or at least we must not allow that bomb to form that sooner or later will explode..

At this point, you can take into account the following tips that will make you think about your situation:

  • Ask yourself: "Is it worth getting angry?", "Do I have valid reasons for doing this?"
  • Learn to speak, learn to ask, learn to manifest and express what bothers you.
  • Step away and breathe deeply.
  • Start finding solutions for what makes you angry.

It is important to learn from the "explosions", to start bringing out everything you know that will build up and come out at an unexpected moment.

Think about possible solutions, but never make the mistake of thinking that the solution is to ignore the problem and wait to see what happens. This, as you well know, will lead to a destructive result.

Also, when you find yourself at a limit point, you learn to move away. Out of inertia people will tell you or ask you to calm down. This will only add to your anger and infuriate you even more.

Learn from these moments and say everything you think when you think it. This way, you will feel better about yourself and avoid losing control, which could happen in the least opportune circumstances.

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