What to do when left behind? Tips and mistakes to avoid

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Being left behind is a traumatic event that unfortunately can happen to anyone, and that brings with it great amounts of suffering, confusion and despair. Is this happening to you too?

In this article I will explain to you what to do when left behind, what mistakes to avoid and how to behave in order not to further worsen the starting situation. With the valuable advice that I am about to give you, you will be able to more easily forget the person you love, or regain them, if this is really what you want.

What not to do when left behind: 3 mistakes to avoid

Before even explaining what to do when broke up, it will be important to see which ones are mistakes to be avoided absolutely. Many of the actions carried out in moments of pain are in fact counterproductive: it's like shooting yourself in the foot! They won't let you get back together with your ex, and they won't help you feel better either.

So let's see 3 mistakes to absolutely avoid after being left by the partner.

1. Ask for explanations

Asking for explanations when we are left makes no sense, because there is simply no explanation that we could ever accept as "satisfactory".

The ex partner gives us his explanations, but we don't like them, we don't accept them. We think there is something more, something hidden and terrible, that the ex has not yet revealed to us. Maybe there is another person? Maybe we were actually made fun of from the first moment, and that person never really loved us?

In reality, researching the reasons why your relationship ended is a process that you should carry out on your own, calmly analyzing the last months of your history, and going to understand what was missing and why, what mistakes were made and from who.

Interrogating your ex partner won't help you clarify: it will only represent another attempt on your part to lengthen the conversation, and to exercise your expectations of him. All this will lead you to nothing good!

2. Stalk the ex

Another deeply wrong attitude after a breakup or separation is that of put pressure on the ex partner, constantly writing to him, calling him, checking his movements on social media or live, asking him over and over again to change his mind and get back together with you.

All these behaviors will only lead you to suffer more, to lose your dignity and to make the person you love move away from you for good. I assure you that in a year or two, when you look back at the current stage of your life, you will very much regret putting pressure on your ex partner and appearing desperate in his eyes.

The best solution, whether you want to win back your ex, or whether you want to overcome this disappointment of love and find happiness without him (or without her) is to apply no contact.

Exact, when one is left it is better to disappear, at least for a while.

3. Convince yourself that you are worthless

Couple relationships represent the main area from which we draw security and sense for our existence, so when we are left it is completely normal to experience a phase of low self-esteem. This, however, is a very different thing from convincing yourself that you are worthless.

I have heard and seen with my own eyes far too many people fall into depression, blame themselves and lose all forms of love right after the end of an important love story.

It's true, you have certainly made mistakes, and most likely you have not been able to manage the relationship with the ex partner in the best way.

However, nothing is lost.

We all get left behind, and you mustn't allow this failure to negatively affect your self-esteem.

What to do when left behind?

So when you are left, or when you are left, what is right to do? In short, how to react after being left?

The most important piece of advice I can give you is the following: focus on yourself.

It won't be easy at first, but if you face the breakup with the right mindset, you will be able to turn this bad experience into the greatest opportunity for growth and improvement of your entire life.

By listening to your pain and channeling it towards constructive and ameliorative actions, it is possible to take steps forward in your life very quickly.

Thank you for reading my article thoroughly. Now you know what to do when broke up, and you are sure not to make the dangerous mistakes I mentioned in the text.

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