What's really in breakfast cereals

What's really in breakfast cereals

You decide: and diet either. Do everything right and follow the advice of your friend who eats cereal for breakfast. Say goodbye to the croissant and go to the "shores" of supermarkets, search among the boxes of breakfast cereals the lighter one with the thinner woman jumping happily and maybe a gadget or a DIY diet program shown on the back of the package (you will contemplate it several times on certain mornings that start a little slow). 

The miracle. After a breakfast like this, you arrive at lunch with little hunger. Brilliant isn't it? Nevertheless the weight does not go down. Not only. There is some drowsiness backward that you do not know how to explain. We try, together. 


The pitfalls behind breakfast cereals

Let's start with a question that practically all cereal brands have in common: the high amount of sugars. Those el paeseni reach the 40%, compared to the average of 37% of products destined for the rest of the European market.

L'Inran (National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition) says it clearly: the suitable percentage of sugars as for breakfast it should not exceed 10%. Oh-oh, Houston, we have a problem.

"But on the package it says that the amount of sugar is reduced to help my costume fitting!" Oh sure. But sugar is a chameleonic word, it takes other forms, everything is to recognize them: molasses, molasses syrup, malt syrup, barley malt, sucrose, corn syrup, honey, lactose, cane sugar, etc .. 

It is very important to keep the glycemic index low, especially in the morning. If you have children, keeping them away from sugars is the best way to make sure they keep their attention high even at school. But even if you are an adult, male or female.

Women, go take a look at the research carried out byIstituto del paese dei Tumori di Milano which I discovered thanks to an article by Silvia Carri that appeared on Terra Nuova. (In detail: the study conducted by Krogh V, Berrino F., Chiodini P., Panico S. and others, entitled "Dietary glycemic load and index and risk of coronary heart disease in a large el paesen cohort: the Epicor study", Arch. Inter. Med. 2010, 170 (7), pp. 640-647). The study highlights how, in addition to predisposing weight gain, foods with a high glycemic index increase the risk of coronary heart disease in women.

"But they work, I'm not hungry afterwards." And certainly. You are intoxicated. Intoxication causes loss of appetite. And the same effect is created by fat overload.

In this regard, let's analyze the presence of fat. 

In general, dear readers, it is "dead food", as packaged, as an industrial product. But you can always go for the best guess if you don't have time to soak and heat oats or other grains to your taste.

Select simple cereals, little processed, organic. Sugar levels that are below 10 g, the percentages of saturated fats (less than 1 g), sodium (less than 0,2 g) and that there are no hydrogenated fats, dyes, preservatives and sweeteners. Opt for cereals with a dose of important fibers (at least 6 g) and, if possible, seek el paeseni products with a short supply chain.   


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The abstruse extrusions 

The first extruded snacks appeared around 30's. And from there there was one growing fame due to frenzied hunger for unaware intoxicated. What is it about? Of products that have undergone specific processing phases that form the long extrusion-firing process. Mentally visualize the flour, ready? Good.

Blended, preconditioned through homogenization, pre-humidification and pre-cooking processes. Mixed with water a cottage from 80-100° C Here we are at a beautifulvery viscous dough. Again, let's go back to mentally cooking it a 200 ° C inside an extruder. Don't lose focus, we're almost there. The whole is modeled in one rigmarole (all round, spherical, star shaped donut shapes, as you like) and then cut, while the transition from a high temperature to the ambient one makes expand and solidify the product. Follows cooling and drying. 

There remains a trace of fiber and nutrients? Mmm ... the conclusion is up to you. But does someone sometimes unmask this deceptive cereal? Oh, it does happen, especially in America, where the food terror of the wealthy class towards what is not biological coexists with the perennial intoxication of obese subjects of the lower-middle class.

A few examples? The US Federal Trade Commission has censored some products such as Rice Krispies and Frosted for misleading advertising. Optiva was subjected to the same sanction by the Antitrust. All of these brands promised miracles with no scientific basis.  


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