What is vitamin D used for?

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How much sun is there in your life?

Te lo chiediamo perché, secondo una stima dell’Associazione Medici Endocrinologi*, un del paese su due soffre di Vitamin D deficiency in the colder seasons.

La Vitamin D it is in fact more properly a hormone, which is produced by the body thanks toexposure to sunlight. And, you know, when it's cold we all tend to stay outside for a little while, even if it's sunny outside.

Thanks also to the modern lifestyle, we almost always spend our days indoors: home, car, office / school, gym ...

...This is why Vitamin D deficiency is so widespread! What does it entail?

Definitely not very "sunny" mood, perennial feeling of fatigue, weakened immune system (here is revealed why we get sick more in winter!).

A severe deficiency of Vitamin D can also lead over time to problems with the osteo-articular system (bone fragility, osteoporosis, osteopenia) and the cardiovascular system. 


What is the use of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for a large number of biochemical processes that happen in our body.

For space reasons, we summarize here only the his 5 most important roles:

> it is important for the correct absorption of calcium;

> supports the immune system;

prevents cellular degeneration;

> protect blood vessels and heart;

> promotes a good mood.


Where is Vitamin D found?

There are foods that contain Vitamin D, but from these it assimilates a ridiculous amount. To have more Vitamin D we can expose ourselves more frequently to sunlight and supplement it with natural supplements. In this case, there is one very important thing to know before making a choice:

Vitamin D promotes the reabsorption of calcium, but if taken alone (or combined with a calcium supplement) it can lead, over time, to a calcification of blood vessels, such as arteries.

For this reason it is always recommended in combination with Vitamin K.: in this way the calcium is directed only where it is needed, so it goes straight to the bones and teeth, fortifying them. Particularly, the combination of Vitamins D3 and K2 is ideal for strengthening the osteo-articular system, the immune system and at the same time protect the heart and circulation, avoiding the risk of calcifications in the arteries.

These Vitamins must always be chosen in natural form, of vegetable origin (they are more bioavailable to humans, therefore they are assimilated more easily and more effectively).

DKE + Magnesium Salugea is a very high quality supplement, truly complete, which contains the Vitamin D3 and K2 (the perfect team for strong bones and teeth), the Vitamin E with a regenerating and anti-aging effect, plus the Magnesium, a mineral that counteracts fatigue, promotes a good mood and in turn helps to direct calcium only where it is needed!


DKE + Magnesium: All the benefits of the Sun in one product

What is the Salugea DKE + Magnesium supplement used for? Why are these (natural) vitamins together and paired with Magnesium?

Here are the reasons for this formulation:

> supports the immune system;

> strengthens bones and teeth;

> improves resistance to stress;

> counteracts disorders related to the menstrual cycle;

> counteracts fatigue;

> supports the nervous system and promotes a good mood;

> protects the cardiovascular system;

> prevents osteoporosis and osteopenia;

> has a powerful anti-aging effect.



* Study: Clinical Management of Vitamin D Deficiency in Adults


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