What is the Gift Diet and what are its secrets

    What is the Gift Diet and what are its secrets

    You can lose weight in many ways but only one is healthy weight loss, definitive and also able to improve the aesthetic aspect: it is what it is not based on calorie restriction but on a healthy and varied diet and does not ignore movement.

    As the Diet Gift method, developed by the doctor and nutritionist Luca Speciani. We talk about it with Lyda Loot, pharmacist expert in nutrition and dietetics in Oreno di Vimercate (Monza and Brianza) and author of the book Belli inside, beautiful outside (published by Tecniche Nuove, pp. 144, € 9,90), practical guide to the Gift Diet.

    The principles on which it is based

    “It is a method built taking into account the messages launched by some hormones produced by adipose tissue. These signal molecules influence the activity ofhypothalamus, a gland located at the base of the brain which decides whether we should accumulate calories (and therefore gain weight) or burn them (and therefore lose weight).

    Among the most important molecules is leptin, on which also depends sense of satiety. The most up-to-date research has made it clear that the less we eat, the lower the level of this substance, to the disadvantage of the line », says the expert.

    What can we do to stimulate its production? “Providing the body with the fuel it needs to put it into consumption mode, through normocaloric menus, regular meals and adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fiber, In order to avoid i spikes in insulin.

    The difference between fat and lean, in fact, is not the quantity of food introduced, but his quality: some calories in the body are transformed into lean mass and energy, others, such as those coming from junk food, into fat.

    - foods to be preferred they are fruits, vegetables, animal and vegetable proteins, oil seeds, whole grains. Our table, on the other hand, often abounds in sugar, dairy products, poor fats and packaged foods full of additives ».

    The effects on the body and face

    But why Dieta Gift it is also a beauty program? «Low calorie diets that impose sacrifices affect the lean mass and make us appear flabby and suffering. True beauty, on the other hand, is a mirror of health and comes from within, thanks to a healthy lifestyle: it is the intact beauty of a body in full hormonal balance, with the skin pulled by a healthy basic musculature and the absence of visceral fat that is deposited in the abdomen area and ruins the silhouette », concludes Dr. Bottino.

    Example of menu: a typical day

    Breakfast Fresh seasonal fruit + Tea or coffee + 2 slices of wholemeal bread with sugar-free jam + 1 soft-boiled egg + 1 handful of sunflower seeds

    Snack seasonal fruit

    Lunch 1 plate of wholemeal pasta with vegetables + 1 plate of sea bream tartare + seasonal fruit

    Merenda 1 vegetable juice

    Price 1 beef steak with vegetables + seasonal fruit

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