What is respect?

What is respect?

What is respect?

Last update: 07 September, 2015

Il respect it is an attitude which favors interpersonal relationships adequate and satisfactory. It is also necessary for conflict-free coexistence, in which the differences between people are accepted.

What is respect for?

Respect consists in measure yourself with the different positions of the other person, and thus helps us a don't judge her for your choice or opinion.

Respect consists in take into account the other in his individual differences, without trying to manipulate them and without expecting the other to behave differently than he is.

How can you manage to respect everyone?

Respect is to realize that everyone has the right to choose to be as they really are, with his way of thinking, expressing his opinion, feeling, acting and even choosing his tastes and preferences in life.

If each has then the right to be whoever decides to be, no one else can afford to object or decide for him / her.

How is respect shown?

Respect manifests itself when the other person is not judged based on their motivations, decisions, behaviors or lifestyles, nor is she reproached or criticized for the way she is, expecting her to be different.

Respect is therefore the best way to show a person that we accept it in its individuality and in its totality, accepting it for what it is and not for what we want or expect it to be.

How is respect expressed?

Respect it is demonstrated through Empathy, that is, starting from that communicative attitude that shows that we are aware, accept and respect how the other person is, although sometimes we do not share your decisions, opinions or behaviors.

Empathy is the tool used within assertive communication, and corresponds to the ability to listen to the other, observing the way he speaks to us, paying attention to his feelings and personal experiences.

In this way, he expresses himself understanding and understanding of your rights, and if the communication proceeds, it can express your opinion. This one, even if it is different from that of the other, is respectful towards the motives of others.

When is it more difficult to comply?

Respecting becomes more difficult when you want at all costs be right, and one is convinced that one's position is absolutely the only possible one, and corresponds to the only absolute truth.

On the other hand, respect fails when an aggressive attitude is adopted towards others made of non-verbal communication, disrespectful gestures, even using the right words.

Out of respect ...

It is important to understand that our position is but a mere possibility among others.

You always have to speak in first person, expressing their own opinions and points of view, not "laws as absolute truths".

È necessario accept that our perceptions, even if they may seem objective to us, they are not in any case. Everyone's perceptions are in fact linked to personal interpretations, based on previous experiences, moods and even beliefs that have always existed in each person, according to their learning.

When we go to others and we do it through empathy, that includes listening and observation of the positions of others, as well as acceptance of their right to be what they want to be.

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