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What has to grow will grow

Last update: October 10, 2016

Today I have decided to give my heart respite to let events flow, so that what can grow may grow. Perhaps it's time not to contain my emotions too much, but to allow them to spontaneously arise, modeling themselves without fear or censorship; I need to give myself the option not to force things and stop swimming against the tide.

It happened, on some occasions, to try to live experiences that seemed not to be made for me and, instead of setting them aside, wanting them to go as I wanted. In doing so, I have forgotten the side effects that inevitably come when circumstances are forced to adapt even when they are not adaptable. This caused me a lot of pain.

In fact, if something has to come, it will come: with the doors ajar and feet firmly planted on the ground, but without chains. Because the chains have never done well, especially the invisible ones that we put on ourselves and then forget where we have hidden the keys. Farewell to self-awareness, fear, pressure, fragility, panic, excessive control of situations.

"Let whoever has to arrive come, let whoever has to go go, let what hurts must hurt ... let what must happen happen"

-Mario Benedetti-

Forcing situations: the side effects

When I think I have my emotions under control, most of the time I actually end up wrong, since the excessive caution with which I approach them leads me to force them and lose control completely. Repressing, denying, disguising or calming what you feel, instead of letting it grow, does not allow us to listen to ourselves or to know ourselves better.

I have noticed that on some occasions I have felt the desire to stop time or, on the contrary, to speed it up: to flee but then regret it; deny me the sincerity to look for it elsewhere ... And I was aware of losing an opportunity, wagons and even trains that instead would have helped me to be happier.

Forcing things always leads to a state of disguised discomfort and dissatisfaction that lurks inside us, transformed into negative energy. By doing so, we risk paying a very high price, because this malaise can be prolonged to the point of causing physical and mental discomfort: blocking feelings does not prevent them from finding a way out, nor from turning into illness.

“I have nothing more than a handful of kisses and an army

of caresses

with no reason to invade you,

but I've seen entire cities

go to the peak for smiles much less beautiful than yours ... So go on, shuffle the cards, the game goes on "

-Pablo Benavente-

It is a question of having faith in time, so that it helps us not to make hasty decisions, then risking not to enjoy them to the fullest. In addition, it is about not anticipating what has not yet arrived and letting what is to come develop in harmony, without trying to avoid it or change it before it even happens.

How can this be done?

The first thing to consider is that “letting it flow” or “letting it grow” is not the same as trying too hard or doing nothing; rather, it is a matter of being aware that there are many things we cannot control. Understanding this can make us stop always hitting the same wall: life changes constantly and unpredictably, dragging plans, projects and even ourselves with it.

We must think that everything is transient and that even time needs time: the rush, obsessions and needs we have towards him can change at any time. We must have patience, because what must happen, once we have decided to wait, happens.

Happiness lies in the things you don't plan, in those you don't see coming "

-Serie: Grey’s anatomy-

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