What has technology stolen from us?

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What has technology stolen from us?

Last update: October 28, 2015

When you can, do the following exercise: Look around a place full of people (on the bus, in a doctor's waiting room, in a restaurant) and count the people who are focused on their phone or tablet. You will be surprised what you notice!

Certainly the percentage of "technological" exceeds 80%. All taken from social networks, from messages, from videos, from emails… And where has real life gone? It goes far beyond Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, Gmail, Android and Apple.

The most alarming thing is that the new generations (those born from the year 2000) live with technology and know how to use it very well.. A one-year-old boy knows that he has to touch the screen with his index finger to make a smartphone work. A two-year-old asks her mom to show her the photo of her she just took in the park to see if she looks good. And the examples continue ...

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think

to all those things

that technology has stolen from us?

It is true that technology has also facilitated us in many ways, we are not saying that you have to isolate yourself in a mountain or in a Buddhist temple. But everything has a limit and the line that separates using electronic devices out of necessity and becoming dependent on them is very thin.

Technology has stolen important parts of our lives, among them are:

1. The thoughts. We don't spend time alone with ourselves. We do not reflect in front of the mirror. We don't stop to think about what is happening and what decisions we need to make. When the mind is not so stimulated, it can roam freely and find the solution to many problems, have brilliant ideas. Technology, on the other hand, only kills our creativity and imagination.

2. The experience of getting lost. How did people do it before the GPS era? Maybe you thought it too, looking at a passer-by intent on deciphering a map of the city and getting lost anyway. There is nothing better than getting lost to discover the secrets of a city, those that are certainly not mentioned in a tourist guide. Now this no longer happens because we have the habit of orienting ourselves with the telephone navigator. Sometimes it is important to get lost in order to rediscover the essential.

3. The opportunity to relate to new people. Going back to the example of travel, once you got to know someone from the place and the relationship could also turn into a beautiful friendship. Through a screen, it is not possible to understand feelings, despite the abundant use of emoticons or voice messages. For this, it is necessary to face people "face to face".

4. The sound of silence. The western world and the big cities are full of noise. Tranquility and balance are found in silence. In silence we can find a connection with ourselves, enjoy the absence of annoying noises and begin to appreciate the calm more..

5. The energy of the environment. It has been scientifically proven that appliances such as televisions or computers emit negative energy into the room they are in. For this reason, we advise you not to keep them in the bedroom or to turn them off before going to sleep.

On the other hand, we are so used to taking photographs of everything we see that we miss the opportunity to really enjoy the landscape in front of us. Through the lens of the camera or smartphone screen one cannot fully appreciate the grandeur of nature, the aromas, sounds or emotions.

Start living,

turn off your mobile!

6. Relax and meditate. Before the advent of cell phones, people called each other from time to time if they were far away or visited each other if they lived nearby. The anxiety and stress generated today by not responding to a message are considerable. Not to mention the two blue ticks of WhatsApp or the time of viewing the message on Facebook. These things drive you crazy!

We also take the phone to the bathroom, we sleep with the cell phone attached to the pillow, we leave it on the desk in the office or on the school desk. We can't wait even a second before taking a peek when it plays. If you decrease the use of technology, you will be calmer and more relaxed.

Finally, remember that by using a lot of electronic devices, especially the mobile phone, you are missing the details and the joy of living intensely..

When was the last time you watched the sunset, the rain fall or the birds flying?

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