What does your favorite flavor say about your personality?

Do you prefer salty foods or do you have a weakness for sweets? Do you like dishes with a touch of spiciness or do you prefer bitter tastes? Your taste preferences can reveal small clues to your personality.

Personality manifests itself in practically everything we prefer and in the little everyday decisions, from the favorite color to the music we like and of course the flavors. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the foods we choose are a window to our inner world.

When does flavor preference start to develop?

The latest studies suggest that preference for certain flavors begins to develop before birth. When we are still in the womb, we can experience different tastes through the amniotic fluid and later, we can feel those differences through the taste of breast milk.

In fact, it has been found that when mothers eat a varied diet during pregnancy, children are more open to trying new flavors and develop a less problematic relationship with food.

But preferences for a particular taste are not only determined by what our mothers ate, they are also influenced by our psyche. Several studies have linked some personality traits with our tastes in food.

Salt and inner strength

If you prefer salty and crunchy foods, chances are you are an ambitious person driven by strong intrinsic motivation. A study conducted at Pennsylvania State University revealed that people who prefer salty foods are often overworked because they aim high.

They are people with big dreams and ambitious goals. In fact, it was found that one in four elite sportsmen has a more developed palate than the average and prefers salty foods. These people usually have a great sensitivity to bitter, sour or spicy foods, enjoy salty flavors very much, and usually don't like sweets.

Sweets and kindness

If you are one of those people who like dessert more than dinner, you probably have a more "sweet" personality, literally. People who enjoy sweet foods tend to be kinder and kinder, a study at Gettysburg College revealed.

Other research conducted at North Dakota State University confirmed that people who prefer candy, cakes, and sweets tend to be more good-natured, friendlier, and compassionate. These people tend to get involved in volunteer work and it is natural for them to share and help others selflessly.

Spicy and adventurous spirit

The spicy flavor can be overkill for some, while others just love it. The latter are more likely to have a more adventurous personality as well, as revealed by a series of studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania.

These psychologists have found that people who prefer spicy and spicy foods also enjoy experiencing new adventures that give them intense emotions. They are people who get bored quickly in the daily routine and need a constant dose of adrenaline, so they are always available to try new experiences.

It has been found that people who enjoy intense emotions that can give activities like roller coasters or wish to be the center of attention, are also crazy about spicy. These people love to be praised but they also tend to be more tolerant.

Bitter touch and numbness

If you like sugar-free coffee, tonic, and radishes, you probably have some narcissistic personality traits. According to a study conducted at the University of Innsbruck, people who prefer bitter have a tendency to have a personality with antisocial traits.

After analyzing around 1.000 people, these psychologists found that those who prefer bitter foods also tend to be more manipulative and often react numb to others. They may also have Machiavellian, narcissistic and even psychopathic traits.

Acidity goes hand in hand with reflection

Sour flavors aren't exactly a majority favorite, but if you're one of those who love citrus and any other food with an acid touch, you're likely to be thoughtful and rational.

However, the researchers also point out that you may have a tendency to develop ruminant thinking and be overwhelmed with anxiety, which is due to your overthinking about things.

A study developed at the University of Wageningen found that people who prefer acidic flavors are also more open to new stimuli and can become very creative, provided they can control their tendency to rationalize. But they can also become very critical and harsh on others because they set very high standards.


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