What are the 10 friendly foods for women

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1. Spinach

There are source of iron and calcium, two precious minerals for women's health. They help prevent muscle contractions and cramps ea strengthen the bones against the risk of osteoporosis.

2. Apple

It is one of the fruits with the greater antioxidant effect thanks to the presence of catechin and quercetin. But be careful: they are concentrated mainly in the peel. The advice is then to buy organic apples, better if green (because they are less rich in sugars), and consume them without peeling them.

3. Extra virgin olive oil

It is rich in good Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, useful for counteracting the inflammatory state that characterizes the cycle. In addition, these substances serve the release of serotonin, the good mood hormone.

4. Sardine

They are among the varieties of fish richer in Omega 3, excellent allies not only against inflammation, but also for prevent heart and arterial diseases. In addition, they ensure high amounts of calcium, a key mineral for bone and muscle health and for blood pressure control.

5. Kiwi

It has an antiseptic action that reduces the risk of bacterial infections, more frequent on the days of the cycle. In addition it ensures you useful fibers for the health of the intestinal bacterial flora and is rich in magnesium and potassium, minerals that help you counteract exhaustion and irritability.

6. Mackerel

It has a high amount of Omega 3fats, good precursors of hormones important for the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the nervous system and cardiovascular ones. Therefore it is recommended for women especially during climacteric and menopause.

7. Artichokes

They favor theelimination of excess toxins thanks to cynarin, a substance that has a beneficial action on bile secretion, promotes diuresis and helps reduce inflammation.

8. Dark chocolate

Has a high content of polyphenols including flavonoids, antioxidants that counteract the inflammation of the organism (typical of the menstrual cycle) and the aging of the tissues that accompanies menopause. More, it is rich in magnesium and theanine, useful for mitigating mood swings.

9. Avocado

Contains a formidable pool of antioxidants, in particular polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It also has a good concentration of B vitamins (in particular B1 and B2) and tyrosine, an amino acid that serves for the synthesis of dopamine and noradrenaline, substances that help you stay calm even in "those days".

10. Walnuts

They assure you magnesium, potassium, polyunsaturated fatty acids: all essential to keep painful period symptoms under control.

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