What are superfoods?

    I superfoods they are particular foods: they are, in fact, foods with a unique nutritional profile and very rich in beneficial properties for health and for the figure. To be "superior" compared to other foods, it is above all the content of vitamins, fibers, mineral salts, enzymes, essential fatty acids, antioxidants e phytonutrients.

    What are superfoods?

    I superfoods are mostly of plant origin: fruit, vegetables, berries and spices. With the exception of some types of fish, very rich in Omega 3 or essential fatty acids (such as salmon).

    Superfoods should be brought to the table as often as possible, alternating them. For example, theavocado on wholemeal toast or berries and berries in yogurt for breakfast.

    Why do they do so well

    Excellent for both adults and children, they often work as real ones natural supplements to remineralize the organism.

    But not only that: superfoods reinforce the immune system, reduce inflammatory states (also relieving the symptoms of many chronic diseases such as arthritis or fibromyalgia).

    Also, consuming superfoods regularly allows you to make an effective one prevention even at the table. In fact, the body is protected from both degenerative pathologies linked to the action of free radicals and inflammatory states persistent (due to the antioxidant effect of the superfood), and from the risk of getting sick cardiovascular. Thanks to the content of essential fatty acids, fibers and special enzymes of these foods.

    Finally, superfoods also help lose weight stimulating the metabolism, increasing the feeling of satiety, promoting detox and preventing conditions such as overweight and obesity.

    Browse the gallery to find out which superfoods you should never miss!

    What are superfoods? What are superfoods? What are superfoods? What are superfoods? What are superfoods? What are superfoods? What are superfoods?


    Avocado is a superfood with recognized beneficial properties.

    First of all, it is very rich in "good" fats. That is, Omega 3 (essential fatty acids) which reduce the levels of "bad" cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. In addition, they also have an anti-inflammatory and protective action at the cellular level.

    Avocado is rich in Vitamins (especially A, E, C and B), with an antioxidant action. Consuming avocado helps lose weight, reduces cardiovascular risk, fights nervous hunger and keeps cells young.

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