What are emotional blocks?

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What are emotional blocks?

Last update: July 13, 2016

Emotional blocks are barriers that we raise in front of us and that prevent us from thinking creatively to reach a goal.

Some people may lead their life normally, but have an emotional block in some concrete aspect. For example, some may be very casual at work, with friends, in the family, but have a block that doesn't let them advance when it comes to finding a partner.

Conversely, others can be very successful in terms of love and friendship, but get stuck in the workplace or everything can be more or less well, but they do not show themselves as they are, which prevents them from being themselves. Therefore, they show themselves to society with a mask that makes them feel safer.

Examples of emotional blocks 

Avoiding activities or events for fear of not excelling, constant nervousness, fear of being rejected, shyness, lack of motivation, focusing on negative things by being unable to see solutions, being jealous, envious and judging others instead of understanding them.

Why do we get stuck?

Out of fear, insecurity, inferiority complex, etc. With the times of crisis we are more prone to suffer emotional blocks, because we tend to negativity, to see things with pessimism.

How can we unlock?

By setting the situation in an optimistic way. 

When emotions are positive, the mind is unlocked and creativity, naturalness, spontaneity, motivation and happiness increase. Let's imagine that we have been unemployed for years and that doing an interview no longer motivates us; we sit around waiting for them to call us and, without realizing it, we create a fertile ground for emotional blocks with thoughts like: "They won't hire me", "Other candidates are better", "I have been unemployed for a long time and I am no longer worth anything", "I will not be up to the situation", "They will see me nervous", "I will not succeed", etc ...

These negative ideas that cross our mind paralyze us, they block us in such a way as to convey negativity during the interview and, in the end, don't get the job because “If you don't believe it, neither will the others”. If you are not convinced that you have a chance, it is highly likely that the recruiter will subconsciously perceive the same. To unblock ourselves, we need to give a positive focus to situations, since if you have a positive outlook, there will be no blockages. Try to think with joy, well-being, relaxation, hope. Thoughts like “I have a chance”, “I'm a good person and I believe in me”, “If they hire me, perfect; otherwise I will have learned from this experience and will try to improve at the next interview ”,“ My well-being does not depend on how the interview goes, because I know that if they don't hire me today, it will happen very soon ”.

When a person feels capable and believes that it is possible for something to happen, it is likely that it will happen. because when you believe in a possibility, something is released that the other perceives without being aware of it. Many times we don't know why, but something convinces us, attracts us and this can be it internal conviction to move seas and mountains, therefore, pay close attention to your inner language; if you want to be victorious, you will have to think as such.

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