Wellbeing diet: lose weight in health

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by Angela Altomare

Moved by the desire to help her wife sick with multiple sclerosis, Dr. Luca Naitana, a nutritionist biologist and naturopath, he has devoted all his years as a researcher to investigate the incredible healing power of food when it is conscientiously chosen, associated and taken correctly and cooked appropriately. Hence the Metodo Wellbeing

"One way to taking care of yourself that starts with good food and it consists in a real lifestyle change, because the goal is not just to push the balance back but to love each other ", says the expert, who dedicated his new book, written together with the doctor Anna Masi, nutritionist biologist and his close collaborator. We tell you about it below.

"The Wellbeing method - the diet that extends your life" by Anna Masi and Luca Naitana

This book explains in depth the principles of the Wellbeing method. And he proposes to you 80 recipes to achieve well-being at the table every day (Demetra arrived, 288 pages, 16 €).

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