We are moments full of randomness

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We are moments full of randomness

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Our society is largely structured on values ​​that favor materialism, logic and objectivity. It is as if somehow, we wish to keep every aspect of our life under strict control in order to derive the maximum benefit from it at all times.

In reality, everyday life is not based on these concepts. The human being must also adapt to unpredictable things, to the fact that he does not always achieve what he desires or that he cannot always control others.

Believing in randomness is not something everyone accepts easily. It's a way of losing control of things and letting chance and chaos rule everyday life..

But there is no reason to be so extremist. It is about being open-minded, being flexible, and understanding that many things in life are beyond our control and that this loss of dominance can generate anxiety or fear in many people.

Sometimes, how can we deny it, a little blinded by selfishness, we ask ourselves "why do these things all happen to me?". We complain and act like victims instead of dealing with the situation otherwise.

Instead of asking ourselves why this or that happened to us, we should ask ourselves if it has a purpose and then draw a good lesson and good reflection from it..

Accept chaos, randomness and unpredictability

We are aware that it is often not easy to accept that the unexpected can break the balance we have struggled to achieve. We strive, for example, to bring out the best in us at work, but suddenly the company fails and so does our stability.

Asking ourselves why bad things happen to us is like a moan thrown against the wind: it increases despair. We need to focus our personal resources to modify, in some way, the pace and direction of our existence.

We are sure that you know at least one person who is obsessed with controlling every aspect of their existence. Not only of his life, also of that of others.

They are personalities who demand a lot from themselves and do not allow themselves to make mistakes, to neglect something, they do not accept the unexpected and for them randomness is a source of uncertainties that should not be trusted.

Usually they prefer very structured contexts, which are articulated on rules, in which each person has a fixed role (the role of a good father, a good wife, an obedient son, loyal friends, etc).

Life is made up of moments full of wonderful randomness

Life is made up of moments, of fragments edged with exciting moments, but also of shreds with unpleasant scents full of sadness. However, every aspect of life deserves to be experienced. These are all moments that take our breath away to define the people we are now.

It is usually said that life is an orderly chaos that we all think we understand. In reality, we proceed by trial and error, like children who want to experience everything, but who don't want to get too hurt by the experience.

Now the question arises, how can we benefit from the unexpected and randomness in our everyday life? In fact, many people complain that "nothing ever happens" and that "beautiful and exciting things only happen to others".

Think about these ideas for a few minutes:

- If in everyday life you are among those people who think that happiness does not happen often in their life, but that, even if this is the case, it is better not to wish for anything else, otherwise the worst will come, you are completely nullifying the magic. of randomness.

- What you believe shapes your thoughts and your thoughts determine your behaviors and your behaviors influence the reality in which you live. How about lighting the spark and changing some of your thoughts?

- Simply believing that you deserve something better is already a step towards change.

- If you put aside your limiting thoughts, negative or defeatist attitudes, your mind will be open to any stimuli..

Randomness hides in a thousand corners, in hundreds of moments, in a thousand glances, one of which, sooner or later, could meet yours. Why not?

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