We all have emotional cracks, let's take advantage of them

We all have emotional cracks, let's take advantage of themAn old master welcomed a novice one day to pass on all his knowledge to him. Each day, the young apprentice had to carry two buckets of water from the spring to the pen where the lessons were given. But one of the buckets had cracks, so when the young apprentice arrived at his destination it was half empty. This was one of his duties for over a year, even though he was aware that he did not respect the instructions of the teacher because he never came with a full load. One day, the young apprentice, ashamed of not being able to satisfy the request of the master, said to him: - Master, I am very sorry not to be able to satisfy your request to bring both buckets of water full. One of these has cracks and the water gets lost along the way. The master replied: - Boy, don't be sorry for that. Thanks to the slots of your bucket we have fresh flowers every day that illuminate our sight and delight us with their scent. The surprised boy asked him: - How is this possible? And he replied: - Some time ago I realized that one of the buckets had cracks, so I decided to plant some seeds along the path you walk every day. Thanks to this, the seeds have bloomed and I can always collect beautiful flowers. At that moment the boy realized that we are all, in a sense, like a bucket with cracks somewhere. However, we don't have to hide these cracks, but examine them to get the most out of them.

The cracks that enrich our emotional life

We all have emotional fissures, they are like wounds that show that we have loved and suffered, that we are passionate and have made mistakes. But we have a tendency to hide them, as if they make us worse people. Sometimes we are even ashamed of them, but these cracks are just what makes us unique, they are the mark of our journey through life. The broken heart for the end of the first love, the pain of the death of a special person, the disdain for the injustice or the mistake we made due to inexperience ... All these cracks form a unique amalgam that defines us . In fact, if someone really wants to understand us, if they want to know who we are and why we are like this, that's where they should look.The mistakes we made are what make us strong today. In fact, the poet Mario Benedetti once said that "perfection is an ordered collection of errors". Every time we fall and get up, we transform, we become a new person, with more experience, but the most interesting fact is that these cracks constantly remind us of our vulnerability. Mistakes, failures and ultimately the wounds they leave have the potential to turn us into stronger and more sensitive people together, but this surprising dichotomy only occurs when we are able to appreciate the importance of the cracks and take advantage of them, such as he made the master of history. If we hide them we become insensitive and unable to compromise, who are afraid to live.On the contrary, assuming that these cracks are real treasures, we will accept vulnerability and learn to live fully here and now. Because recognizing that we are vulnerable brings us closer to people and allows us to realize the wonderful gift represented by the present.

The things you should never be ashamed of

1. Having loved. Love is always a bet, but a bet in which you always win because even if you have lost and the relationship is over, you can always treasure the wonderful moments spent together. Therefore, never be ashamed of having loved too much.
2. Being wrong. Mistakes just mean you've tried. Only those who do nothing, those who conform and remain immobile, never make mistakes. Every mistake contains a lesson, and learning lasts a lifetime. Therefore, do not regret your mistakes, learn from them and move on.
3. Being angry. Even if society catalogs anger as a negative emotion, the truth is that suppressing it is even worse. It is normal for us to get angry in some situations, we just have to learn to channel the emotion without hurting others. In fact, a study conducted at Utrecht University revealed that when people get angry and express it, they focus their energy better on their goals and achieve them more easily.
4. Getting lost. Sometimes it is necessary to get lost in order to find yourself. When everything around you falls apart and you can't make sense of what you do or who you are, it's best to take a step back and explore new paths, even if you have to grope around. If you have felt lost at some point in your life, don't be ashamed, because you don't have to know all the answers, you just need to compromise yourself in the search.
5. Having suffered. Many people, when they look back, blame themselves for having suffered "unnecessarily". However, suffering always carries a strong message: it teaches you that you are human and vulnerable. Remember that sometimes, to get out of a situation, you need to hit rock bottom. Speaking of which, never hide your pain or the things that made you suffer, those experiences have made you the person you are today.

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