Water: how to choose the right mineral to purify, digest, train

    Water: how to choose the right mineral to purify, digest, train

    Depending on the amount of minerals, it can become a favorite from stomach, kidneys, bones, muscles... find out why!


    If you suffer from gastric hypersecretion (your stomach produces too many digestive juices), the perfect water is non-carbonated and rich in bicarbonate (more than 600 mg / liter, check the value on the label), which buffers excess acidity.

    If on the contrary you have slow digestion, focuses on acidulous water (pH below 7), such as natural effervescent, which increases the production of gastric juices. “Carbon dioxide, responsible for the bubbles, also causes a distension of the stomach walls which speeds up emptying », dietician Diana Scatozza points out.

    If you suffer from colitis or gallbladder stones, brings sulphate water to the table (more than 200 mg / liter of sulfur): it has an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect on both the intestine and the liver.


    stimulate the elimination of toxins (especially uric acid) choose water low in sodium (less than 20 mg / liter) and with a pH greater than 7, because the kidneys work best in an alkaline environment. «Remember that the purifying effect is greater if you drink water on an empty stomach, with the addition of a little lemon, or if you sip it lukewarm: this is also a laxative and allows you to dispose of the waste accumulated by the intestine », emphasizes Dr. Scatozza.

    counteract constipation chlorinated waters are also ok (more than 200 mg / liter of chloride), which favor peristalsis, that is, contractions of the intestinal muscles.


    Se you sweat a lot, drink mineral water (fixed residue above 500 mg / l), because it allows you to replenish well the salts that go away with perspiration. Also, generally containing more sodium than "oligomineral" (fixed residue less than 500 mg / l), is eliminated by the kidneys more slowly, thus guaranteeing better hydration.

    On the label also check that the water also provides calcium (promotes the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles and reduces the risk of fractures), bicarbonate (facilitates the elimination of lactic acid) e magnesium (after training it relaxes the body and mind).

    Magnesium waters (over 50 mg / l) in fact, they enhance the action of serotonin (the feel-good hormone), further reducing performance stress.

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