Warm Up in 5 Minutes | Top 3 Exercises to Warm Up

Warm Up

As a former dancer I know how important the muscle warm-up before any activity. Although I no longer practice the discipline as I did a few years ago, I really can't do without it. Out of habit I still use small easy exercises, which require short while and they can also be done in the dressing room or, if you prefer, in the dining room. In fact, before the gym or my regular running outings, I practice a short but effective warm-up.

I assure you that very little time is enough to devote to your body for physical well-being. Below I will tell you some exercises that I would like to share with you. Since going to the gym I constantly see people who as soon as you leave the locker room they go straight to the tools and I wonder how they can not get hurt.

Warm Up in 5 Minutes | Top 3 Exercises to Warm Up

I'm sure it happens to you too. Honestly, how many people do you see warming up? And you? Are you among those who do or not? With great frankness and in friendship I tell you that theimportance of heating or to put it in English of "warm up".

I'm sure that as soon as you know the real benefits of these exercises, you won't be able to do without them. The word heating already contains in itself one of the main functions: that of heating. In fact, the exercises that we will see later contribute to theincrease in body temperature.

Warming up the muscle is the best way to prepare him for a greater effort. Thus we would have more power and we would be able to feel less fatigue. It's a bit like when we get ready for a shower in the winter. Before entering we have a temperature, then we regulate the water (either colder or warmer according to our body heat) and when we go out we are cold.

But if for avoid this thermal shock we leave the towel on the radiator, when we take it back and cover ourselves we feel less cold. Here, heating is a bit like our towel on the radiator, we prepare the body to be less cold thus avoiding a cooling. In fact, a well-prepared muscle is a well-oxygenated muscle, which means preventing unpleasantness pain caused by lactic acid (anaerobiosis). We have thus seen that warming up is useful for improving performance, for obtaining physiological well-being but also for preventing injuries.

Warm Up in 5 Minutes | Top 3 Exercises to Warm Up

Only with muscles trained by an efficient warm up, you can get some more elastic joints in order to avoid trauma during training. After this brief introduction we are finally ready for the exercises. Mark them in a notebook or on your smartphone and always carry them with you. They will often come in handy before your work out! Let's go!

1. Head Insulations

a) Keeping your head in the center, rotate to the right for 5 seconds and repeat the same movement to the left for a total of 4 times higher. It's as simple as saying NO four times!

b) While standing, lower your head, trying to touch your chest with your chin. When you feel a pull on the back of your neck, it means that you are working well. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Same movement but backwards, trying to send the head towards the back and without breaking the neck. In this exercise, hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat it for a total of 4 times higher. Easy right?

Warm Up in 5 Minutes | Top 3 Exercises to Warm Up

c) Tilt your head to the right for 5 seconds with the intention of touching the shoulder with the ear. Repeat the movement also on the left for the same time doing 4 repetitions.

d) Finally to loosen all the muscles of the neck make a nice circling. Once counterclockwise and once clockwise. If you feel more confident try closing your eyes, so you will relax completely. The purpose of these exercises is to stretch all the nerves and the muscles of the cervical. Are you already starting to feel your muscles working right? It is not the time to stop but let's continue with our backs.

2. Shoulder rotation

6 times higher with your hands on your shoulders accomplished gods energetic counterclockwise circles. Same goes for the counterclockwise movement. In total they should be enough 4 repetitions but if you still feel rusty you can repeat the exercise for a total of 6 repetitions.

3. Stretching of the arms

Il heating it is nothing accidental, indeed it is the actual execution of exercises that follow the body structure. We started by "starting" the brim, then the shoulders and now it's time for the arms.

a) Extend your arm parallel to your chest and stop it with the opposite hand. This will stretch your biceps and triceps. Remember to inhale and exhale during this exercise as you will really feel the muscles stretch. Hold the position for 10 seconds both left and right for a total of 4 times higher.

Warm Up in 5 Minutes | Top 3 Exercises to Warm Up

b) Repeat the exercise carrying the hand in the center of the shoulder blades, as if you want to touch the center of the back. Again take a deep breath and let out the air to make the muscle stretch. As in the previous exercise, hold the position for 10 seconds for a total of 4 repetitions.

c) Finally, to stretch the bicep and forearm, rotate the arm (with the bicep facing the ceiling) and rest the palms of the hands against the wall. Repeat the exercise 3 times with the time you prefer. In particular, I apply this type of exercise when I work the barbell between sets to stretch the muscles. A warm-up that lasts less than 5 minutes but will make you face the best of your work out session!

In conclusion

Natural physical well-being is achieved not only in the aesthetic form but also in the attention we dedicate to our training. The body, not being a machine, needs the necessary time for i recoveries he elongations. In fact, recent research has shown that exercises before a sporting performance have little effectiveness if not associated with a warm-up.

Furthermore, stretching counteracts theshortening of tissues (phenomenon linked to aging) and also demonstrates an important anti-aging function. 100% sporty without giving up small attentions that can really make a difference. Good workout!

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