Walnuts and anti-cholesterol properties

Walnuts and anti-cholesterol properties

Why is dried fruit good for fight cholesterol?

The anti-cholesterol properties of nights, like of some shell seeds and dried fruit, are now praised everywhere.

Numerous scientific studies have documented the nutritional properties and the resources that these small seeds constitute to preserve health.

But why are they doing so well? And how should you take them to take full advantage of their benefits?


Walnuts: nutritional properties

Le nights represent one good source of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. The first two fatty acids are essential, they are necessary for the human body but are not synthesized except by introducing them from the outside, while omega 9 fats are not considered essential, as the body can produce them by synthesizing other unsaturated fatty acids.

All three are however very important for the health of the organism; in particular their properties concern the anti-cholesterol function.

The omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids perform their properties best when they are taken together: while the fatty acids omega 3 act above all on the blood level of triglycerides, the omega 6 act on the total concentration of cholesterol; the omega 9 finally, they reduce blood cholesterol and make the walls of the arteries more elastic.

Le nights, from the point of view nutritional, have the following concentrations of fatty acids per 100 grams of product:

  • saturated fat 6,126 gr

  • monounsaturated fats 8,933 gr

  • polyunsaturated fats 47,147 gr

  • omega 9 8,799 gr

  • omega 6 38,093 gr

  • omega 3 9,080 gr

(fonte Banca dati di composizione degli alimenti per studi epidemiologici in el paese pubblicata dall'Istituto di Oncologia - S.Salvini, P. Gnagnarella, P. Maisonneuve, A. Turini)

Considering the different properties of fatty acids we understand how important it is introduce them in the diet in the right proportions. Nature has, in walnuts, combined the right amounts of fatty acids which represent a useful and powerful anti-cholesterol tool.


Dried fruit, what it is good for


How to use walnuts against cholesterol

Walnuts are small seeds of the walnut tree. They have a'high concentration of calories, therefore it is not recommended to abuse it.

To make the most of them, it is enough eat in small quantities every day, to the extent of 3 or 5 walnuts, preferably in the morning and before breakfast; or you can use them as a snack for break hunger mid-morning, or mid-afternoon: they are practical and nutritious, they can be carried comfortably with you, and they are heating.

If you want to take advantage of the anti-cholesterol properties of walnuts in a tasty and simple recipe, try this one apple pie, soy yogurt and nuts.


A sweet recipe against cholesterol

> 4 pere kaiser o abate;
> 80 grams of whole cane sugar (or other sweetener);
> 200 grams of 00 or semi-wholemeal flour;
> 60 grams of chopped walnuts;
> 60 grams of minced 72% extra dark chocolate;
> 2 jars of sugar-free soy yogurt;
> 30 g of olive oil;> 1 pinch of salt;
> 1 sachet of baking powder;
> grated peel of half an untreated organic lemon.

Preparation: put the pears and walnuts in the blender. Blend and add the flour, sugar, salt and yeast sachet, and olive oil.

It is mixed and at the end the soy yogurt and lemon zest are added. Lastly, dark chocolate is incorporated. Mix and pour into a 24 cm diameter mold, a medium plum cake mold is also good.

Bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes. It is removed from the oven, left to cool, and sprinkled with powdered sugar and a pinch of bitter cocoa mixed.


Do you know the different types of nuts?




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