Walking: 8 tips for walking well (and losing weight)

    Walking: 8 tips for walking well (and losing weight)

    The first step to regain physical shape e lose weight in view of the summer it could be as easy as ... walking: "The walking it is an invigorating discipline because it involves more muscles than running, ”he explains Daniela Perilli, national instructor of Fitwalking and Nordic Walking in Milan. Furthermore, it is an effective activity for weight loss: according to what reported on health.harvard.edu, a 70 kg person walking at a speed of about 6,5 km / h burns 167 calories in 30 minutes. “But if you perform the correct technique and pace you can reach 700 calories in an hour". clarifies our expert. 

    1. Is there a technique for walking effectively?

    Yes. First of all pay attention to foot: carries out a fundamental activity since it governs the movements of the pelvis, trunk, legs and arms. «The step begins with a vigorous heel rest on the ground, which pushes the foot up to the toe: this movement, called "pad”, Also helps the venous return, promoting circulation and counteracting the water retention.

    In addition, the pelvis moves naturally, without forcing, and provides the legs with the necessary thrust to move forward. facilitating abdominal contraction and the reduction of fat mass". But also pay attention to other important details: «It is necessary that the bust is erect without being rigid, the shoulders relaxed and arms oscillino at 90 °, just like pendulums ».

    2. What is the indicated intensity for weight loss?
    "To ensure afat burning action must walk at an intensity equal to 70% of the maximum heart rate. If you want to check that your pace is right you can rely on talk test: during training you must perceive a feeling of fatigue but, at the same time, be able to speak or hum ».  

    3. Can age make a difference?
    "Very little. What really matters is it lifestyle: a woman over 70 who has always remained active, for example, will still be more performing than a sedentary fifty-year-old ».

    4. How far do you have to walk?
    «To get results you need a lot of consistency, therefore training from time to time is not necessary: ​​you have to make sure 2-3 outputs weekly of at least 50 minutes ». 

    5. What shoes should I wear?
    «The models for the they are fine but pay attention to the details: they must have a lot of sole flexible, able to ensure a natural walk; a rigid shell that allows the heel to rest well on the ground and a wide plant. The most suitable shoes are the A2 (intermediate), however, those who are at least 6-7 kg overweight can choose the A3 (amortized). Also pay attention to the size: during training the size of the foot changes, so it is advisable to choose a model that has a size and a half more than the classic shoes that are worn every day "

    6. Is there a better time of day to walk? 
    No, but if you want to boost your metabolism and make your weight loss plan more effective you can try alternate training time: «Start by training at morning, for 7 days. Then, during the following week, schedule your walking sessions at the will be (they will also help you get to sleep). Then, go back to training after waking up, and so on ». 

    7. How important is hydration?

    «It is a very important aspect, to be treated well in advance. You need to start hydrating carefully from the day before training, making sure 2 liters of water to drink in small sips in twenty-four hours ».

    8. Do you need to stretch at the end of the walk?

    «Yes, but only if you are sure you can do the exercises correctly. Hurry, fatigue or, in some cases, embarrassment can lead you to make mistakes. To avoid this risk, you can also perform the stretching phase once at home, where you can pay more attention to each movement. 2 sets of 10 seconds of light exercises, such as quadriceps, arm stretches and heel raises and lowerings on a step ».

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