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    Waking state and its alterations

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    Robert Maurer

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    Proper functioning of functions in the waking state is critical
    so that the person can perceive the stimuli that come from the environment
    surrounding and can react to them in an adaptable way. However, a
    Sometimes these functions can suffer from disorders that depend on severe
    brain changes that sometimes involve deterioration
    neuropsychological or even life-threatening (if they develop into
    lack of adequate medical treatment).

    Among the main alterations of the
    waking state we meet him state of coma, in which consciousness is totally lost by persisting alone
    vegetative functions such as respiration and blood circulation. There
    comatose person lies inert without reacting to any stimulus, too
    the more intense ones. It is generally evident in cases of organic alterations
    severe resulting from a chronic or acute illness or a serious accident. Among the various alterations of the
    waking state is also found there state
    . Even in the presence of this disorder, the alteration of consciousness
    it is quite profound, since there are perceptual difficulties, at the level of thought and
    of orientation. Frequently the person feels perplexed, incoherent,
    utter nonsense words and in some cases you may have them too
    hallucinations. This alteration is quite common in disorders
    organic, in head injuries and severe epilepsies. On the other hand, the dream consciousness o delirium it is also considered
    as an alteration of consciousness even if less profound than the previous ones. In
    this state is a predominantly visual hallucinatory variety. AND
    also characterized by the presence of delusional ideas, loss of consciousness,
    an amount of clear visual representations, an abundance of vivid memories e
    alopsychic disorientation. The person's mood is variable and can
    include fear, irritability, euphoria, or psychomotor excitement. This
    disorder can occur associated with infections, brain trauma, hysteria,
    epilepsy or in the seizures of individuals suffering from mental retardation or who
    exhibit psychotic traits. You can also meet the twilight consciousness, in which
    there is a double orientation and the person responds simultaneously to the data
    real and imaginary ones. Thus, the person perceives the world as
    inaccurate, mixing real facts with hallucinations and fragmentary delusional ideas.
    The beginning is inexperienced, short-lived and with a sharp ending, followed by
    Deep sleep. Upon awakening, the person remembers nothing. Generally yes
    occurs in people with epilepsy, hysterics or in those who have suffered from severe trauma
    to the head. Among these ailments we can
    also find the alteration of the consciousness
    onyroid drugs
    , which is characterized by the fusion of the real world with the
    fantasy, in such a way that orientation and lucidity are lost and it is produced as
    the infiltration of dreams into conscious thought. It is accompanied by
    hallucinations, mainly auditory and visual, and by some acceleration
    psychomotor, appearing especially in the case of toxic psychoses. For its part, the obnubilazione is another of the disorders of
    waking state in which the person experiences a moderate sensation of
    nebulosity in the perception of the surrounding environment. In this way, the
    patient has perceptive difficulties, affective numbness, irritability and drowsiness.
    Specialists consider it the lightest degree in the disturbances of
    consciousness. It generally appears as a consequence of infections, intoxications,
    trauma and feverish states. Always among the alterations of the
    waking state we also encounter the consciousness
    , considered as a state of extreme clarity. It is found
    in certain states of intoxication (use of amphetamines) and in certain emotional states,
    as in manias. In this state there is a certain lack of
    coordination and organization of thought.
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