Volunteering, a balm for emotions

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Volunteering, a balm for emotions

Last update: 21 September, 2019

Why do unpaid work for which we need to invest time and energy? Perhaps many people have asked themselves this question before starting avolunteering experience. And it is likely that many eventually decided not to do so because they could not find valid reasons.

However, if you enjoy helping others and are motivated to do so, volunteering is definitely a good way to develop that motivation. In addition to being an activity that in itself produces a reward, volunteering is a balm for our emotions, because it brings great benefits on a personal, emotional, emotional, professional and social level.

The benefits of volunteering

Discover new realities

To be able to integrate into society, one must raise one's eyes from oneself. If we remain absorbed in pitying ourselves for our problems, perhaps we will never be able to appreciate and value what we have around us. Out there, and not necessarily too far away, there are people who have fallen into social ostracism.

These are children, teenagers or adults who suffer from one stigmatized disease or multiple addictions. Families dysfunctional, destitute or orphaned children. All of them need our solidarity.

Helping others, in terms of generosity, is one of the most valuable conducts, both for others and for ourselves. Sometimes, however, it takes an extreme effort to put aside other interests and dedicate oneself to others. There are people in need everywhere, which is why contributing to the common good is not only possible, it is also possible urgent and unavoidable.

Positive health effects

Being satisfied with yourself is rewarding. For this reason, the benefits that volunteering brings to health can in many cases be comparable to physical activity or rest. Many volunteers who work in groups feel they are part of something much bigger. The tasks or activities assigned strengthen theesteem, since they serve to improve the life and daily life of other people or groups of people.

These feelings make our emotional system stronger. Therefore, it will be more difficult to be depressed or to suffer from stress. Likewise, it is harder to suffer from that unsolicited loneliness that is causing so much havoc today.

Know yourself

Boredom is a great opportunity to explore our more creative side. On many occasions, fatigue, caused by routine, leads us to explore new ways, contrary to that law of cognitive economics due to which it is customary to stick to one's plans.

In this sense, people who carry out a voluntary activity they have discovered an unpaid way of working that makes them happy. Being supportive to other people makes them happy and this encourages them to invest time in this activity for the common good.

Increase professional possibilities

Normally volunteers have several concerns that go beyond the immediate. In other words, they care about the collective well-being and, in general, show initiative, thoughts and intentions aimed at improving an aspect of the social or cultural sphere.

This is why they are so popular with headhunters. These headhunters try to incorporate into their ranks people who know how to work in a team and who are not afraid to accept challenges. Workers who are enterprising, committed, serious and involved. Furthermore, if volunteering is part of your academic training field, it can increase in value.

Acquire new skills

Having new responsibilities allows you to gain experience and develop new emotional skills, social and intellectual. There are even NGOs that offer the possibility of carrying out training courses or courses.

For example, a shy person may learn to communicate with others gradually and effectively. An impatient teenager will understand that sometimes knowing how to wait is the best strategy. Someone full of themselves could experience a real lesson in humility or, again, someone who is very sensitive will understand that empathy can also be rationed.

As we see, the benefits of volunteering are varied and tangible. E the best is always missing: the contagion effect! Seeing that the people around us are involved in a cause increases its subjective value. As a rule, volunteers confess that they receive much more than they give because it is a unique experience that makes them grow their people. So ... why not try it?

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